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05-17-2014, 02:28 AM

As many of you may already know, i created a thread called ''Eroge City'', a forum game about populating a city.
I was proud of making such a good thread, but i felt something was missing.
Thus i decided to change some things (alot of things) to the forum game, enjoy!

The Story

In a world, were earth was living in the nearest future, a mad scientist called Dr. Switch was living in a country called ultimecea land.
He's known as the smartest person in the world and is famous for all the creations and inventions he had to offer.
His biggest dream was to connect all greatest fantasy stories and reality together.
One day, he couldn't take it! So he made a secret underground laboratory, build a top secret experiment. Everything was going well, according to
his plans, but suddenly he made a big mistake, a failure! Everything went unstable and the whole universe changed to a massive dimension of
mixed fantasies or what even could be worse! Ivan, the president of U.S. decided to make a village for all who visited the planet!

How to play

Your goal is to populate the village, simple as that!
But beware! Both good AND bad things will happen in the village!
Remember the rules!


-mark the balance of gains or losses
-When the village gets over 5.000 residents, it's a city!
-Loss or gain can not exceed 1.000 (if a city, it's 5.000)
-When all the villagers/citizens are dead, the game is restarted
-No racism (Yachi)


50 cyclops joined the village
Count: 550


10 tentacle monsters attacked and killed 50 villagers
Count: 500


Please do not do anything totally stupid (maybe just stupid) or i'll come and stab you!


A Town has been founded
0 -> 500

05-17-2014, 02:11 PM

An evil presence has been felt in our lands.....it was found in a dark cave outside of olaf's peak........in the cave, loppez was seen , scheming great evil against us!
he was last seen raising an army green dildos from the semen-infested wastage coming out of our realm's sewers.

add 1 monster

.................................................. .................................

a hero has arrived to make battle with loppez the charred-ass ....the great hero, blessed by the god of fap -kamfag , has descended from the halls of VNDB......
he is the true ASS-BORN , the one in a prophecy by danisco before he left the mortal plains to pursue a career in the sex-circles of mogadishu.

add 1 hero


05-17-2014, 03:52 PM
60 wankos joined the village!


05-17-2014, 05:09 PM
A strange void has open itself up in the middle of the village. Scientists are interested in the strange radiation emitted from the void. Data suggested that a large amount of potent energy reside within the void, but what could it have been? So far, apart from randomly appear in the middle of the city and emitting a sign of potent energy, the void seems to be inactive. Due to this strange phenomenal, foreign researchers (scientists, geologists, scholars, wizards, alchemists, etc.) become interested in the void and many migrated from their homeland to study it.

+80 "researchers"
On one mysterious night, 5 residents of the vampire race has mysteriously vanished. There are no sign left of them after they mysteriously disappear, and it was assumed that they are no longer anywhere near the village area.....I wonder what happen to them?

-5 vampire

total resident: 637

05-17-2014, 11:26 PM
.................................................. .................................................. ....................
Loli Overlord Avenger arrives and establishes the Church of Loli and Imoutou.
+1 Avenger (semi-permanent)
+365 loli imoutous
.................................................. .................................................. ....................
20 citizens are found sacrificed to an alter of the Maou Caboose
-20 non-loli imoutous

Population: 983

05-18-2014, 06:26 AM
Chuck Norris and Mr. T decide to have a drink in The Village in it's most dangerous and seediest bar - Princess Funtime Palace of Rainbows and Unicorns (the owner has a 5 year-old daughter who has mastered the ability of the dreaded Puppy-Eye no Jutsu). Upon entering the bar and everything in a 1 mile radius blew up in a massive explosion, for so much awesome could just not be contained in one building.

-200 citizens

Population: 783 (No imoutos were harmed during the explosion, they were at the very edge of the blast and the vast power of their moe shielded them from harm)

05-18-2014, 09:53 AM
A meteor crashes into the other side of the planet, causing changes into the planet. Huge cracks appears throughout the village, creating huge canyons and splitting the village into four parts.
(-53 Citizens)
Seawater fills the canyons.

Villagers builds ports and ships to travel between the four parts.

Organisms from the meteorite travels throughout the sea and merges/mutates with the DNAs found on the planet, creating new beings. These beings' reaction towards the natives vary, some are hostile, passive, docile etc.

Aggressive Sea Organisms(ASO) emerges and attacks the villagers. The villagers manages fight back but not without casualties.
(-300 Citizens)

Villagers research weapons, as well as the ASO that they managed to either kill or capture.
Villagers manages to combine their DNA, ASO DNA, and various elements to create specialized beings to fight back.
(+50 Citizens(Shipgirls))
These beings can equip special weapons on their body, and are capable of fighting on the sea. These beings are named 'Shipgirls'.
(Special: +5 Citizens(Shipgirls) for every post)

Population: 430

05-18-2014, 01:54 PM
The meteor strike cause the voids in the village to react wildly. Activated through the intense shock wave, it began glowing more intensely. During the period that it activated, 30 researchers was confirmed to have been sucked into the void, while 12 others went missing.
(-42 villagers)

It was also discovered that the void is giving out energy of some sort, which is enough to accelerate the village research progress. What would the villagers use this energy for?
Magic: Allow villagers to improved their self-defence.
Alchemy: Allow alchemical fortification to villagers buildings, giving them chance to survive unintended destructive forces.
Science: Allow further research into Shipgirls, improving their enhancement and efficiency in both production and combat.

(Next post choose 1 from this list)

[Magic: -5% loss from battles]
[Alchemy: When villagers loss event involving destruction of building structure occur, toss a coin: tail = -10% casualties, head = ignore casualties]
[Science: Special production of Shipgirls double: +5 -> +10]
5 missing vampire returned to the village. After spending their times here, they decided bring their kinds here and live as a permanent resident. Unfortunately, due to the sunlight problem, many was not convinces. They still return with 60 more vampire to join the village, however.

(+65 vampires)

Special: +5 Shipgirls

Population: 458

05-21-2014, 10:28 PM
The villages choose Science, because they were in love with them.

+10 shipgirls

2 days later, a fellow, strange wanderer came to the village. He began telling stories of a secret, hidden staff, capable of summoning friendly monsters.
Nobody believed him, except for Avenger, the Loli Overlord. As soon as he heard the location of the staff, he directly began to prepare himself.
He ordered 20 of his Imoutous to follow him as companions on his journey. Unluckily, there was traps all over the place, so 10 of the imoutous died on the way.

- 10 imoutous

Finally, he found the staff and returned home to his village. he then began studying it.
Meanwhile he studied the staff, he accidentally dropped it on the floor, and it summoned 300 monster girls.
They were now all over the village.

+300 Monster girls

Population: 648

05-22-2014, 12:31 AM
before my part of the story continued, I recalculated the populations since the village is found, and there was a heaps of miscalculations along the way. Right now, the true population is at 813 people in the village, so I'll restart the count from here:

Previous population: 813 **Note, if anyone spotted any more mistake, let them know and reset the count :)
Once the development of science has advanced to a point, usable from the mysterious void depleted.

During one of the clean-up session of the lab, a strange dungeon was discovered. It turns out that the laboratory from the incident wasn't completely annihilated, instead, part of it was buried deep in the ground where the lab used to be. During the incident, some researchers was able to survive the destruction of the lab, while other wasn't as lucky.

+5 villagers

Those who survived was founded and has been living with an ancient tribe of goblin girls. The tribal chief was eager to join the village, as they are interested in the outside world after shutting themselves from the outside world for so long. She also reveal to possessed an ancient knowledge that she would happily pass on to the villagers as well. However, while this knowledge may be useful to the villagers, it adds a level of complexity to the village management.

+173 goblin girls
Special: +10 Shipgirls

Population: 1001

*Villagers Inventory unlocked*
With villagers inventory, they are now able to store any item that they come across. This is a shared inventory, so naturally, everyone have the right to access the item here. Choose wisely of what you put in here. The goblin girl chief mention an advance knowledge know as "Private Inventory", but the secrets to this branch of knowledge is lost to war many millenniums before.

Current Inventory
*Mysterious summoning staff- Has the mysterious power to summon friendly monsters.
*ASO DNA - DNA samples collected from Aggressive Sea Organism.

05-23-2014, 09:27 PM
You're out by 5 though.
ie, at start of yours it would be 808, and end at 996.
Where you made the mistake may have been the first shipgirls post - the special production bonus of 5 was on all posts after that, but not including the one they were introduced on.


Avenger and the [I]Church of Loli and Imoutou offer a service to transform any non-unique denizen into a loli imoutou. Additionally, Avenger has recruited top scientific personnel for research on a top-secret project. Their research knowledge is protected by powerful loli imoutou magicians. As such, it can not be learned by anyone uninvolved in the research project, even by overhearing a conversation.

[Special] 10 random citizens (of any type) transform into loli imoutous every post. No direct affect on population.
Top Secret research started.


Special: +10 Shipgirls (more like shitgirls)

Population: 1006

Current Inventory
*Mysterious summoning staff- Has the mysterious power to summon friendly monsters.
*ASO DNA - DNA samples collected from Aggressive Sea Organism.

09-27-2014, 02:03 PM
It's nighttime, on a new-moon. It's so dark out there, you can't see you own hand. A raging blizzard has come over the village for the last few days, and everybody is confused by what could cause such phenomena at this time of the year. Their questions should be answered soon, because a group of acolytes who had snuck into the town not long ago had now finally managed to complete their ritual. An unholy god was to about to be summoned onto this world. 00:00 sharp, a huge tremor shook the grounds of the town and a furious lightning struck the old warehouse, where the ritual had been held. Ithaqhua, the Wendigo, governing over ice and wind had descended upon this city, he had awoken from his eternal slumber, and as it is with such cases, he was hungry. To still his hunger he devoured half of the acolytes (all females).
He then assumed the form a normal human, and began planning his conquest, by ordering his acolytes to gather followers, if need be, by the use of brainwashing magic.

[Special] 10 random normal citizens turn to acolytes every post. No effect on actual population. Current count: 50
+50 villagers (acolytes)
+1 unholy god, Ithaqhua


Special: +10 Shipgirls
Special: +10 imouto lolis -10 other citizens

Population: 1067[/COLOR]

Current Inventory
*Mysterious summoning staff- Has the mysterious power to summon friendly monsters.
*ASO DNA - DNA samples collected from Aggressive Sea Organism.[/QUOTE]

09-27-2014, 04:12 PM
Holy shit, I almost forgot this game existed. Well, why don't I added my contribution back on this.
During the time gaps between the goblin girl tribe and now, the magic society has advance enough to form the guild of their own. This attract attention to the magician around the world to come and share their knowledge, and allow the knowledge of magic to advance for the villagers.

+300 magician
[Magic: any loss in a battle reduced by 5%.]
If fighting/battles occur, post the original casualties and the final casualties after the reduction.

One day, a loli imotou magician consult with the members of the magic guild about the research project that has been going for a while, saying that they need help as the progress isn't going as quickly as they thought. Only 24 non loli imotous magicians were present at time, but the conversation draws some loli imotous guild members into a debate whether this is a good idea or not. As the debate become heated one of the guild leader decided to consult the Loli Overlord Avenger himself. While they have no real idea of what the research is for, the guild leader is keen on lending a hand to the Loli Overlord's research. He announced that 24 of them, along with a few loli imotous are to go exploring the ruins inside a mountain as a cover story to protect Avenger's secret, despite knowing the risk that they may be assassinated after learning of this secret.

(Next visit by Avenger, choose the fate of these 24 magicians)

- kill them, they're too dangerous(:C)
- refuse them, but threaten them should they reveal this secret (they're nice people, so they won't reveal the secret once being threatened C: )
- refuse them (every time I post something, 5% chance that one of the magicians spread this secret)
- allow them, but make sure they do so in secret
- allow them, and reveal your ambition to them (;D)


Special: +10 Shipgirls
Special: +10 imouto lolis -10 other citizens
Special: +10 Acolytes -10 other citizens

Population: 1377
Acolytes count: 60
Loli Imoutous count: 375 *assuming no loli imoutous died or migrated along the way, I'll let Avenger decided too, since he's the head of loli imoutous*
**also, it can get VERY complicated if we're gonna keep track of villagers type like this, since we have to take into the account the chance of citizen casualties reducing number of this count, loli imoutous turn into acolytes, acolytes turns into loli imoutous, loli imoutous who's in the magic guild, etc. I'd say let's not do this, but it's up to you guys.

Current Inventory
*Mysterious summoning staff - Has the mysterious power to summon friendly monsters.
*ASO DNA - DNA samples collected from Aggressive Sea Organism.
*Magic Guild - A place for people who really really really really really love magic.
*Church of Loli and Imoutou - A church dedicated to Lolis and Imoutous.....and loli imoutous.

Ariel Schnee
11-25-2020, 09:06 PM
50 Rei Ayanami's join the village.