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08-28-2017, 03:06 PM
We want to present you a new game "Chronicles of red lights"!
You have to act as the director of the brothel, win the trust of the government, the army and various bantites, and overtake your competitors.

upd 15.08.2017
We lost the artist and were forced to change strategy.
An updated demo version is available for download, changed pictures of girls (you somewhere have already seen something similar? \_(ツ)_/ )
Added the ability to train girls (mini-games)
At the moment, 3 girls are available, each with six pictures for standard poses and 2 animations for mini-games.

Demo version link:
https://mega.nz/#!Rj5DVKDZ!pkuuSZIfOEqBYTcn_IwdVp_ZQpQGJ_spK8hexcg HlSY

Now working on adding quests and events.

You can go to the link to our page on Patreon, your help is very necessary to us.