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10-10-2020, 07:14 AM
If you are a fan of Ryukishi's works or have read Higurashi/Umineko, rejoice for the hype train of the new Higurashi anime just started and rolling strong.

What caught us off as a horrible sounding remake of the old Higurashi anime, is now revealed to NOT be one.
Ryukishi and his staff pulled one huge prank, waiting for episode 1 to air and right before episode 2 (1 week after episode 1 aired), revealed the real title of Higurashi 2020 and a new visual:
Twitter (https://twitter.com/Wakanim/status/1314234423496278023)

The current possibilities are that this could be the S3 of Higurashi anime or a new retell with a different POV.
At the moment of this post, only EP 2 is out so not much else is known. The anime does have scenes from the VN that was not in the original Higurashi anime.
One thing for sure is that if you are a new viewer and would like the full experience of When They Cry: Stop here and start with the Higurashi VN or the old anime.


Don't become another victim.

Anyway, this anime being new content is not why it was hyped up to the roof. It's also the reason why new viewers are advised to not continue further. Spoilers below.
There are many instances and references of Umineko being spotted in the anime.
HUGE Umineko + Higurashi spoilers below.

Here are some screenshots of the Higurashi 2020 anime compared vs game materials/evidences (from MAL ep 2 discussion):


Ushiromiya mansion


Bernkastel or more Featherine?
https://image.myanimelist.net/ui/fkHpHKa8ZRvgXF3EvLfxXJwxEUD0Uw9ky_kPrNcD6QTK3wVQOs HiQqG1jM8l8-M2XnrwKVXJLLQyM5z_ERLywUMErbHsUN4uThRTNtgrlDbahW2F 600gF7Agakw6GbwRYJFRHasewkvuojbWxV970w

https://image.myanimelist.net/ui/fkHpHKa8ZRvgXF3EvLfxXJwxEUD0Uw9ky_kPrNcD6QQj9F1jxq wLLlhrq8Z-yyPE5v4L-iAZNMkipqGGZu00oiGM1B4FyMaC7ueEEcGG9cu-KFEaoPj47T-Ag5MaR7iaVaQwaKSP8tDVlOiTy38_sQ

some interesting fan discussions right now





Are these Easter eggs or a potential hint that this anime will ties up both Higurashi and Umineko? Time will tell.

It's a surprise, but to go from rumors of it being a remake to this huge bomb is simply too great of a leap.
Once again I'm hyped for WTC.