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How a Retired Strategist Saved the Country

  • Language: English, Japanese

How a Retired Strategist Saved the Country is a real time strategy simulation game where you manage resources to develop your country.
The player is asked by elves, beastmen... Etc. various heroines ask you for help, and then you take command of their country's army.
Will they become the victors, or princesses of ruined countries... It all depends on you."

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6 hours ago, pramit said:

Not a bad game, but the strategy/rts aspect of it is quite short and easy to figure out 


Can you explain a bit more? I never play the game

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On 3/30/2023 at 8:07 AM, kn1000a said:


Can you explain a bit more? I never play the game

sure! So the game is basically just all about distribution., You have a starting build order - residency, farm, lumber camp, and then its all pretty standard - you make defensive structures (castles), and soldiers. There is no combat, as wars are all about numbers (there is a screen where the numbers simply get deduced). You are pretty limited in what you do, and you'll probably end up doing the same thing every time. So the gameplay is nothing to write about, but it can be a bit fun figuring this out in the beginning


How are you doing? I haven't been on this website for a long time

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Its your usual throwaway story that i stopped reading a few minutes in.

The erotic scenes exist.

I played the first 3 battles.

Its essentialy a half-idler in the worst possible way. There is not much happening

most of the time but you still need to pay attention to spend your ressources in a somewhat efficient manner.

Thats alright for online idle games requring a few inputs a day.

It lacks any basic QoL. Being able to preplace buildings to be constructed once you have the cash

would make this so much less drab.

Difficulty wise its not hard as long as you can do basic math. The real challenge is staying awake

while the numbers go up.


We need an Adult Kongregate for these types of games.

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