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    Any bestiality vns?

    Just wondering since i dont think a tag exists.
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    There's some, none of them are translated though.

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    First of all: jesus christ.

    Secondly; a lot of what you may be looking for is going to be one or two scenes in a vn or h-rpg. DLsite may be able to help you find whatever is out there and translated.

    Try expanding your search for "sex with monster" since there's probably overlap.

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    Yeah imma just gonna watch this thread; I want to observe all the "peaceful" debates that will pop up when this tread gets noticed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Anima View Post
    Just wondering since i dont think a tag exists.
    Tag: Bestiality
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    There's one translated bestiality VN. Ishu Aigan or something.

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