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    Domination Quest

    Its been some time huh?
    Anyway I wanted to talk about and maybe you guys are interested in it:

    Domination Quest

    Well what can I say about the gameplay: It basically plays basically like a an H-entry of Shin Megami Tensei RPG series.
    You have a team with max 4 active members (and 4 in the back hand if you need to switch em out during the battle) and you have to fight monsters and monster-girls.
    Also can you capture (only) monster-girls like in pokemon and make m your allies.

    Graphically the game is all over the place the overworld looks like its drawn in MS-Paint, the environment looks PS2 3D(ish) until you see a building then its straight back to 16bit top down RPG's.
    The Quality of the ingame battle sprites also warry in quality. While the ones early game look plain with out details, the later game monsters really look good.

    For some comparison i added a few screenshots of monsters early, mid and late game:

    Storywise its more or less your standard J-RPG story with a lot of foreshadowing during the campaign.
    The only real problem i got with the game is that the ending isn't even a cliffhanger.
    It more or less just stops, hinting that there will be someday a part 2...

    Anyway if you can overlook the differences in terms of graphic quality and the sudden ending you can have a fun game for 8-10 hours.
    If somebody is interested i could upload the somewhere since its sold as an unprotected zip file.

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    That certainly is a sexy... mushroom?

    The art reminds me of monster girl quest so it isn't bad per se but it isn't amazing either.

    Where can one find this game?

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    Well I tried to upload it to but strangely the upload won't finish.
    So i uploaded it on the first file hosting site google recommended me...

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