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    What constitutes an "intricate bug" in a VN?

    To the disappointment of all (or at least me), Kimi o Aogi Otome wa Hime ni got delayed due to an "intricate bug" (see: Sol Press - Blog - Update on the Status of My Fair Princess ). Setting aside any issues of whether or not it was the right call to wait as long as they did to make announcement about the delay, what constitutes an "intricate bug" in a VN in the first place?

    Unless I'm badly mistaken, at their design core, VNs are nothing more than a collection of text displayed in a linear manner synced against background music and animation in the form of sprites on static backgrounds, with a couple of if/then/else statements to divert the story down one of several paths. In most VNs, paths don't cross over one another, and there aren't many variables that I can conceive of that need to be tracked. Once the decision is made as to which route to follow, there's no need to "remember" that choice for later. While I can see somebody screwing up the sync between text, audio, and/or "video" (in such as VNs have video), those shouldn't be that hard to iron out once discovered.

    All this raises the question, what CAN the programmers screw up THAT badly in a VN?

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    Well I imagine making a vn could be very boring, so after surviving a week off of red bull and a lot of never ending "putting text on a screen" im sure they might make a few major mistakes. Who knows for all I could guess one of the programmers might have just used a keyboard as a pillow during work hours. Of course im just imagining, im sure the reason for why there doing this is something much more stupid. Finally to answer your question, yes I think people are capable of being that moronic.
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    Maybe a team of rookies? If there's one thing I know about coding, it's that even stuff that should be simple, cut and dry programs can be a huge bugger to fix if a small but tough to notice error was made.

    It could also just be a blanket excuse for a delay in general. Rather than explain why, just drop the term "intricate bug'" and assume no one will question it. That's no excuse, of course, but it would explain a lot.
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    One would not ordinarily expect Visual Novels to contain more underneath the hood than meets the eye but technology and programs can break in the most unexpected of ways. Of course I have learned to expect gross incompetency from the visual novel industry as a whole. Woooo.

    "Well Alex, I'll take 'excuses to get the boss off my ass for $500!"

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    Quote Originally Posted by napoleon View Post
    "Well Alex, I'll take 'excuses to get the boss off my ass for $500!"

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    How about Stein;Gate (the firslt one) system

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    What constitutes an "intricate bug" in a VN

    Thats the price you pay for them putting up with you...

    ...that and you having to shake the wapa If you got anything automated THAT would be what you would need. Maybe a paint shaker like at Lowes?

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