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    recommendations wanted

    Hello all, looking for recommendations for VN's, ones that are more on the dating sim level, rather than a hentai book.
    list of ones i have, and whether i enjoyed or not

    Fruit/Labyrinthe/Eden of Grisaia
    G-senjou no Maou -
    Da capo's, first 3 - enjoyed, played through most of the routes
    love cube - eh, so so, felt flat
    schooldays hq - maybe it was this version, but i did not like the format, nor was it particularly enjoyable - the numerous possible endings was an appeal, but i couldn't get into it, felt cringy the entire time
    Kanon - enjoyable, this was one i felt wrong ignoring the other characters after completing their routes.. if that makes sense.
    clannad - enjoyable.
    Katawa Shoujo - Best game so far, played through all but rins routes, much better than expected, my top 1 so far
    Little Busters - good story
    Hoshi Ori Yume Mirai - second best

    Fate/Stay/Night- Not compelling enough (i think its mainly since i watched the anime's before)
    If my heart had wings - unable to get it working correctly
    Canvas 2 - unable to get past the whining MC, maybe ill try it again later

    Ones that im about to try -

    Any recommendations are welcome, im starting a list of ones to play.

    Thanks in advance!

    Special Notes -
    Thanks to Napoleon and Pramit - Through you two i have opened my repertoire of VN's and discovered wonderful works. Thank you.
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    Little Busters is made by Key so if you enjoyed Kanon and Clannad you may enjoy reading it. It doubles down on the "every day school life" aspect Clannad had going for itself.

    Katawa Shoujo is my primary recommendation. Give yourself some time to clear your mind of other games and then tackle it at a steady pace.

    Canvas 2 is also very similar to Clannad imo.

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    Thanks, i have checked out all three!

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    If you enjoyed clannad, then check out all the visual novels made by KEY that are translated to english. If you liked katawa shoujo, then you should probably enjoy all of them. Some are way better than the others though. For me rewrite was the best, followed by little busters.
    I would also recommend grisaia(Grisaia no Kajitsu) , G senjou (G-senjou no Maou). Anyway, it seems that you are just starting (assuming that your list is exhaustive) your VN adventure, so I suggest you make yourself a VN list that will help you keep track of what you have read. There are MANY visual novels that fit the description you wrote , so you are in luck. Here is my visual novel list (voted from 10 to 0) which you can use to find more visual novels that you might enjoy - pramit's visual novel list
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    Sweet, thanks! Yea, just starting, although ive checked them out here and there in the past. That list is for the most part all, im sure theres a few that ive forgotten the names of and whatnot tho. Ill check that list out, im sure its going to help!

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    My first VN was 999 for the DS, before I knew what VNs were, and my first eroge was Katawa Shoujo, but after those I really got into Fate/Stay Night and it's a classic for a reason. Really AAA product.

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    funny enough, the only route i havent done in katawa shoujo yet, is the girl thats on your profile pic lol.

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