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    looking for recommendations similiar to Sansha Medan

    Sansha Mendan ~Rensa Suru Chijoku Choukyou no Gakuen~ was by far my favorite eroge game that i've played and am looking for translated games similiar to the style of it. I searched through all of the games Bishop has produced aswell, and they are all games I would definitely want to play as well but Sansha Medan is the only one translated to english (that Ive found so far). Are there any translated games similiar to Sansha Medan either by bishop or another producer that I'm missing out on? Is there some sort of tool that can be used to roughly translate games as I play through them, even if its not the greatest? Thanks.

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    Sansha Mendan It's the best Eroge I've ever played. All BISHOP titles are kamige stuff.

    Unfortunately, there are not many translated Eroges similar to Sansha Mendan.

    The only one I can think of is: Ochiru Hitozuma

    (Villainous Protagonist, Corruption of Characters, Mindbreak, Sexual slavery, etc...)
    ~Acta est Fabula~

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