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    Yumina The Ethereal Walkthrough

    As the title says, here are the tips to get 100% CG on JAST's new SRPG: Yumina The Ethereal

    General guide to get all the CG's:

    *Note: Keep in mind if you surrender during the debate battles you get the option to start the chapter over with all your money,stats, and quests still done. You're meant to use this feature if you don't get a skill in time for the boss fight. The only thing you'll lose are skills gotten through events, so you need to do the proper events again.

    Also, if you want to H all the bosses, you will have to do the conversations events all the way up to Day 9-10 and that just leaves you with 1 turn to train in the Dungeon Game before the debate battle.

    Chapter 1: Just keep going to all the meetings and the Librarian events. Eventually you'll get the skill after the event at the GYM. It's a buff. Make sure to use it in the debate battle, this is important for all the boss battles.

    Chapter 2: Tomori's scenes are the hardest. There are a ton of events you have to do and the fastest you can get it is Day 9. Do all the events with Rei and Tomori that you can. After that do an event with Yumina in the library and Ai in the club room. The Yumina event will unlock an event in the Dorm and the Ai will unlock a "?" event at the gym. When those are done, once again do all the Sis/Bro events that appear. You'll eventually get a Tomori event in the cafeteria where you get Sister Blade. Use this on the boss and you will get the CG.

    Chapter 3: Easy. just keep on talking to the Mikos and going to the meetings. You'll get the skill Independent Heart. Use it on the debate battle.

    Chapter 4: Also easy, but you have to choose the right choice. Talk to the Blond girl every chance you get, keep going to all the meetings, eventually you figure out her weakness, when you tell her, she'll beg you to keep it a secret, answer that YOU CAN'T PROMISE THAT. Afterwards there is one last meeting where you'll gain the skill Absolute Horizon, use it on the boss.

    Chapter 5~8: These are chapter related to each path. The path is chosen by who you talk to on the holidays. There's a lot of free time so you probably don't have to worry about missing any scenes.

    *There are 3 difficulties, Normal/Hard/Super Hard and you need to be on a certain difficulty in order to unlock more of the Training events. Just keep on doing the main missions and you'll eventually get them all.

    *Harem: The harem ending requires you to H all of the bosses(Tomori for CH2), and then not qualify for any heroines route afterwards.

    *Finally: There's a special play that happens once you get all the medals. (Complete the 3 paths and all of the Training missions).

    *100%: To get a technical 100% you need "ordinary" and "true" routes of all 3 girls + ordinary "graduation" ending + school harem ending.
    Sounds like a lot, but once you get the first play-through and harem ending out of the way it's just a matter of running through the boring as fuck fights with different scenes. Just keep beating it and you'll get there, should be a trial of patience at this points since you will need to do all battles again.

    Hope it helps, enjoy!
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    To get a technical 100% you need "ordinary" and "true" routes of all 3 girls
    On another forum I read:
    how do i get kirara's "true" route? i played her story in hard mode and nothing changed from normal
    There is only one route for Kirara O_o
    the only exception is Yumina if u count graduation and conclusion end

    So how is it?

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    Always remember to get the latest hydroblast, chain stasis, and null silencer or you'll get screwed over at the boss when they use a continues healing/damaging skill.

    or... you can play Ai's route first and get Eternal Phantasm which stops audience shifts and lets you spam your most powerful skills for 4 turns and... by then the boss should be close to dead if not dead.
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    I cant seem to get the "Harem" end.

    I've looked around here and elsewhere and essentially the advice boils down to H all the chapter bosses and not enter any main heroines routes.

    Which I've done but it leads to the "Graduation" ending. I read somewhere that i should simply re-do the whole process AFTER the graduation ending to get the harem end but no avail.

    Has anyone here gotten the harem ending?

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    It's like graduation end but you have to not choose a heroine.

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    What do you mean by that?

    Not select any of the heroines school events(?) some of which are needed to get the chapter boss scene?
    Once i do all the chapter boss scenes i just go in and out of the store, i dont select anymore than needed.

    Furthermore there are 2 instances where the school is locked off and you have to select one of the 3 girls first in chapter 2 and another time in chapter 3. Thought there would be one in chapter 4 but there wasnt so i couldnt balance it out with one selection for each heroine.

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    During your break period you have the option of choosing to spend the time with one of the 3 girls. Do it in a way that you don't favor one over the other.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Foris View Post
    On another forum I read:

    There is only one route for Kirara O_o
    the only exception is Yumina if u count graduation and conclusion end

    So how is it?
    does it mean the ending would be different if i play ai and yumina routes in normal and hard?
    does someone already confirm this?

    also, i heard you have to complete ordacle mission to get true routes? if its true, i get a quest to find a sword, scabbard and shield (? forgot the last one), where do i find them?

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    Just adding a little bit of information since the battles aren't actually that easy unless you're heavy overleveled.
    Here are a few recommendations to add upon Ryu's guide:

    Chapter 1:
    -Attend the meetings
    -Once you gain some levels distribute your points on attack, defense and buff skills
    take note on "chain stasis" for Kirara it'll be useful for later.
    -This is the only chapter where you cannot train freely, so make sure to attend some speeches for quick level up
    -Attend all events concerning Maino (The quickest you can get her skill is day 7, day 9 the latest) *don't forget to equip the skill*
    Boss battle recommendations: At this point you don't have many abilities to choose from so stick to a pattern
    that's the most comfortable for you. Go with Akashima calibur + medical alone + opressive silence, pretty straightforward.
    Buff any attack with Endeavor Mind and pummel Maino with it, you'll know you succeeded in hitting her with it if you see the legends = "The system is right" "effort is supreme"
    Always save green audience to be able to heal after Maino's attacks. don't worry if she heals herself, you'll eventually bring her down.
    -Recommended level: 6 (you can level up in the training tutorial)

    Chapter 2:
    -This is a tricky chapter (assuming you want to get the skill and H the boss)
    -Attend the meetings
    -Attend ALL of Rei/Tomori events
    -Even if you're pressed on time TRY to attend Yumina events (at least 2 out of possible 3) *this doesn't include free day events*
    -DO NOT attend speeches ,you simple don't have time to spare.
    -DO NOT train before getting the skill, again you don't have time.
    -DO NOT attend Ai or Kirara's events unless there's nowhere else to go.
    -You will get the skill on afternoon of the 9th the quickest, and morning of the 10th the latest *don't forget to equip the skill*
    it's possible to get the skill on the afternoon of the 10th but by then you won't have time to train,
    you'll have plenty of trouble bringing down the boss if that happens, so make sure to have at least
    a single half a day to train.
    -Boss battle recommendations: have Ayumu on wait till you have enough red audience then hit Rei
    with sister blade as soon as you can. This will make Rei retreat and save you from getting hit with
    his devastating special move. Take care of his cohorts with your poisons of choice, use debuffs
    carefully as they lower approval, heal only when necessary, Hydroblast should be saved for that annoying healer.
    Sister blade is expensive so make sure to buff desperado, disruptor and yumina charge with
    rising one/Endeavor mind as often as you can. Once the henchmen are done Rei is easy.
    if you can, sister blade him once more to make quick work of him.
    Recommended level: 9

    Chapter 3:
    -Time pressed on this one as well..
    -Train as soon as you can (before the miko sisters events appear)
    -Use your points to level up your defense and counter skills
    (if you don't have chain stasis or null silencer, train them then buy them at the store.
    Do the same for Fire helm/utter indifference/hyper guard and smile/cloak of suffering)
    Also train attack skills and buy them as well since your old attack skills won't be enough
    for the next boss battle. If you can, get: Akashima avalance, devastator, Yumina dynamite,
    Healing all, Manifold bite)
    -Level up and equip Yumina song skills, they will be extremely useful for the remaining boss battles
    -Attend all meetings
    -Attend Yumina events as usual (at least 2) *again, this doesn't include free day events*
    -DO NOT attend speeches
    -DO NOT train more than once unless you've secured the skill
    -Attend Tsukuyo's events in the afternoon (several of her events are only available in the afternoon)
    Youko events can be attended anytime but best to leave them for the mornings.
    -You'll get the skill on day 9 the quickest, day 10 the latest (if you didn't train earlier make sure to save an afternoon so you can train before the battle) *don't forget to equip the skill*
    Boss battle recommendations: The sisters can deal tons of damage, you need to get Tsukuyo to retreat and defeat Youko first since she's the most
    dangerous. First have Ayumu on wait to build up red audience then hit Tsukuyo with Independent heart, once she retreats pummel the henchmen with
    your strongest attacks,(have chain stasis and null silencer handy for those chain attacks)
    once you clear some room, go all out on Youko, don't hesitate to use debuffs.
    you'll notice your approval is extremely low. Don't panic, you started with 10% or so... the problem is that even if you win the battle, if your approval is not at least
    51% you'll automatically lose. If you have followed the strategy thus far Tsukuyo should be the only one left, now's time to switch Yumina to the front
    row and have her sing "You don't have to be Cinderella" this will rise your approval substantially and Yumina will be moved to the back row where you
    have to keep spamming her song until your approval is high enough, once you get to 70% or so, independent heart Tsukuyo's ass into oblivion.
    Recommended level: 12

    Chapter 4:
    Easier than previous chapters since you have some time before Nayuta shows up.
    -Train your ass off, but just once. This means enter Ordacle and GRIND GRIND GRIND in the span of half a day.
    -Attend all meetings
    -Attend Yumina events (at least 2) *there's no free day on this chapter, as classes have been suspended*
    -Attend all of Nayuta events
    -On the final Nayuta event pick the choice= "I can't make any promises" After this attend the final clubroom meeting to acquire her skill.
    (You'll get this skill on day 9, might be possible to get it on day 10, though i'm not sure) *don't forget to equip the skill*
    -Train all the skills you can and buy them from the store, especially attack skills since you'll need them to actually manage to deal decent damage
    to Nayuta, recommended: Akashima divider/Yuminaza 100t/Irradiator/Lacerate Flesh
    Boss battle recommendations:
    Nayuta fights you solo. Seems simple enough but her defensive values are broken. You need to be fast on lowering her HP to 15% or she'll catch
    you on a total defense loop till you break. Also you start with very low approval...
    First things first, Have Ayumu chill out for a turn, then after Nayuta attacks red audience will skyrocket, quickly move Ayumu to the front and pummel
    Nayuta with Absolute Horizon- Don't hit her again with it till she's nearly dead (horizon is crazy expensive and it only has 2 uses) switch Ai to the front and
    have her cast Irradiator buffed with whatever you can. If you have "sincere brainwashing" (it raises approval) use it to counter Nayuta's heavy defense buffs somewhat,
    then proceed to slap her with your mightiest attacks (Akashima divider works fantastic against her) don't use Hydroblast since it will kill your approval very fast, and
    only heal if absolutely necessary. Once she's close to defeat, spam every turn "You don't have to be Cinderella" once again to rise your approval, but take a note:
    You need 90%+ approval to clear this battle (any less and you'll automatically lose, so be careful) Once you have over 90% approval, impale Nayuta's asshole
    with the last Absolute horizon(or whatever skill you have left) to finish her off.
    Recommended level: 16

    That's it, hope it helps you :3
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    Is the exp gain really this bad? The characters are at Lvl 11 in the end of chapter 3 trying to gain lvls before the Debate battle with Sakaue and the exp bar barely moves per 1 enemy in Mizelt Tomb.

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