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    Finished up Karou's route and overall I enjoyed it much more than Touko's route. Even with my minor complaints all and all I really enjoyed the route with the back and forth between the two points of view.

    Though for me it suffers from the same issue in that one of the main villain's the game sets up early simply doesn't appear. In Touko's route no mention is made as to what happens with Chuu ,and Ten is taken out easily by the new character introduced. In Karou's route Chuu simply surrenders and Ten never appears at the end so both are still alive. Presume the same will happen in Tonya's route as well leaving all the dangling plot threads for Suzu's route.

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    Yeah, in Tonya's route Chuu and Ten aren't mentioned at all. To be honest, the whole route has more to do with her problems than anything else (you'll get what I mean when you read the route).
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    Started on Tonya's route already and going to try to finish it up quickly if possible, going to be hard to find time for it after the next few days.

    It's enjoyable for as much as I've read so far though the 'brother' isn't nearly as funny to me as they thought he would be I imagine. Also I'm guessing the one unknown character that still shows in the system tab is going to be Tonya's sister? Good bet that won't work out all that well for Tonya.

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    Enjoyed Tonya's route all and all, though I think I still enjoyed Karou's route a bit more.

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    Tonya has a weird....creepy face for me in her route....completely ruin her character for me lol...

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    Quote Originally Posted by jasonthe13 View Post
    Tonya has a weird....creepy face for me in her route....completely ruin her character for me lol...
    Guessing you mean the little 'cute' face she makes early on, that one bugged me a bit as well honestly.

    Kept thinking that the MC should be able to just see through the act she puts on early given how out of character it obviously is, but I guess him thinking with the other head is appropriate given he's like 17 or so.

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    Was less than thrilled with Suzu's route honestly, it's not bad but something about her and the MC together just didn't work for me. Liked them more with a the brother sister relationship, but the action was good in the climax so all and all not terrible but liked the other routes better I'd have to say.

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    I just couldn't keep myself interested in this one.

    Doesn't help that the resolution was stuck in Eye x Strain.

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