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    I need some help finding the name of a visual novel game

    Well, I am not sure if it's a visual novel or how to define its genre exactly, cause I've read other definitions like "bishoujo", but it's a game like "The Sagara Family". At least that's how I initially found it a long time ago, by googling "games like "The Sagara Family"". So it's a story with multiple paths, similar art style. I've been searching for a while but couldn't find it, so I thought I'd ask here. Here's what I remember.

    1. The setting is (mainly, I think) a school, male protagonist, don't remember anything else, no names.
    2. I remember there was a rich snob female character.
    3. Last but not least, there was a scene where a freaking fighter jet landed on the school yard(?).

    Number 3 is basically the reason someone should be able to help and I have high hopes, how many games like that could exist? Also if I remember correctly the name wasn't too "japanese", but I could be wrong.

    I also have flashbacks from a similar game in a school setting but it could be the same. So if you could name a few similar games in a school setting while you're at it, that'd be great.

    Maybe I should add that I don't like too "cartooney" games, as in everyone looks the same. I also don't play games with characters that are half beasts or aliens or look underage and stuff, so if you think of something like that it's not it. It's like "The Sagara Family", as in as "normal" people as possible that just happen to fly fighter jets.

    Thanks for reading.

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    According to Ryugenzawa it should be this

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    I saw a few google images and a few playthroughs in youtube, but I can't recall anything except for that blonde girl in the link you provided. Maybe there are other games with her as a protagonist. Weird.

    It could be it though, I'll have to look it up more.

    Thanks a lot for your help.

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    It is Discipline for sure. Bible Black is another similar game, and I can recommend both of them.

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    After 1. and 2. I was like seriously but 3. narrows it down quite a bit. Discipline and Bible Black are like night and day

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