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    11eyes - A Denwatls Translation

    Denwatls proudly presents: 11eyes.

    Gray. A gray world, a gray life, a gray happiness. Indeed, to Kakeru, it was as if the world had turned a dull, impenetrable gray, ever since that day. He had friends Tadashi and Kaori, he had his childhood friend, Yuka, he had everything that 'ought' be there. And yet, he could never escape it, never overcome, never get away from...

    But the workings of fate are not so simple. The stain of darkness never so easily cleansed. And indeed, it is those same, immutable cogs that will draw Kakeru away from the simple, ‘peaceful’ life he knew...

    Link to the page.

    To run, simply place patch2.xp3 in the game folder and start the game! This is a complete patch, covering the whole of the game. As always, make sure to have your local set to Japanese and use only English (ASCII) and Japanese characters in the path name to the folder.

    Be sure to install the 1.01 update form Lass before running.

    Also, if using windows 10, be sure to install Japanese fonts (it doesn't install them by default and we've seen line-break issues with the native English ones).

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    Denwa about it!

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    Okay denwa, I'll say it ... You definitively got me with this one! I remember this title but I totally forgot that it's one of the 'cursed' ones! Congratulations on finishing it, I am about to test it now ^_^ ...

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    Thanks! I accidentally forgot to mention the 1.01 patch from Lass, be sure to install that too!
    Denwa about it!

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    Okay, thanks for the info, I am downloading it now but just wanted to ask you ... How long have you been translating this? O_O VNDB says it's a long title. I remember you mentioned the lenghth of it earlier but I couldn't really guess that it's actually not a medium lenghth title, it's a long length title! Do you realise that you are actually amongst the rare fan-TL groups that actually managed to release a long title?

    I see this VN has an anime and I am glad I didn't watch it because lately I only read VNs

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    Translation was a year and a few months (we favored consistent progress over bursts and potential halts). The text editing took another almost two months, and then the images taking ~1 month after that. Overall, we started 20/7/2015. We wanted to keep it mum to ensure we completed with as few hassles as possible, and we've arrived at last!

    The anime took some surprising liberties, there are definitely differences between them, which I don't want to spoil~.
    Denwa about it!

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    Yeah, from what I have understood, the anime pales in comparison to the VN so I am glad that I am about to experience a better version of the story Nosebleed from Fuwa claims people were disgusted by the anime so I guess this is the real way to experience this story

    Considering that you have started it in August of 2015, I am surprised you managed to finish it off by the 2016's year end. You might be even the fastest group to finish a long title in such a short amount of time. It's almost like you were an official TL group like Lemnisca and similiar but not even them can match this speed I think. Was this title particularly hard to translate? Does it have complex meanings, arhaic kanjis and so on?

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    Yes, definitely superior to what I remember of the anime.

    Aha, maybe, maybe not. It definitely took dedication to get it done on that timeline; I haven't looked too much at other group's statistics, though I think I recall some of the other titles progressing at a good pace. It always seems like the official releases take a while, but it truly does take considerable time and effort to comb over a game like this and do a good job.

    The game actually has several familiar themes to a western audience; the hardest parts were definitely spells. We couldn't rely on the normal tricks (such as using Latin) due to some of the other parts of the story, and it would've been nice to have AliveZ as a precursor to help reinforce some of the naming choices we made in certain character's analysis, but the majority of the text was fairly straight-forward. Another point that took some consideration was text consolidation, Japanese can get very information-dense and constraining an English equivalent of an idea-heavy sentence into the available text-box could get challenging some times. We had to break a few of them across multiple text displays (especially when dealing with lengthy words or awkward line breaks), but overall we got it to work. There was also one character who was very... brief. Matching that constraint took some thought.

    Jokes and puns are always a difficult topic to handle (usually forcing the translator to create a similarly-themed substitute), and finding the 'official' versions of quotes from a third language (such as German) can be a little tricky at times.

    It's also quite annoying how easily the brain skips over typos when it knows the subject matter. We've given it a good scrubbing, but there always seems to be a few that work their way in. At least we can take solace in main-stream novels having the same sort of challenges.
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    Denwa about it!

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    I see, thanks for the explanation ... based on that, I guess I should expect even some info dumping from time to time ... I can actually enjoy it if it's present, I definitively enjoyed it in I/O Revision I was actually planning on reading something else but since this release of yours, I decided to read this first, I like long titles and I like good stories too ^_^ Anyways, thank you once again for your troubles and I will sure post some feedback when I finish reading this VN

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    Where do you get the 1.01 Patch from? Can one of you post the link?

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    OH So its one of the cursed ones... thanks for taking a huge slice of your time in exorcising the curse. but seriously.. thanks..
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