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    Looking for english translated H-RPGs

    Hey guys, i am looking for some english translate h-rpg recommendations.
    I am not looking for the genereic 0815 rpg maker games from which i already played a ton and i prob cant remember even a quarter of them, i am more looking for the games which are worthy to remember.
    I am talking about games like kamidori, bunny black, evenicle and so on. I tried to play himeragi some years ago but i got cancer reading the machine translation and wasnt able to get anywhere, other than that i played Arterial of Origins, and i liked that one too. Are there any other games from eushully fully/partialy/machine translated? i dont actually care about which genre of gameplay it is, i just want to enjoy a rpg and be able to come back later to the galery and have some other kind of fun.

    i think i try himeragi again, if i wont get any answere.

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    Have you tried any games by Fushidaratei? The delta series' third game - A warship awash in lust is particularly good.

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    nop, not yet. gonna do that tomorrow.
    thx for the info

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    Have you tried Eiyuu Senki()| vndb

    You can try this one as well, if you are okay with graphic tentacle porn and not being a rpg (it has gameplay, but its not an rpg) - Marunomi | vndb

    This also has gameplay elements but its not an RPG - Minna Daisuki Kozukuri Banchou | vndb

    Similarly, this is machine translated(the story is not complicated so its readable) and it has managerial and simulation elements - Boukensha no Machi o Tsukurou! 2 | vndb

    Did you play Eien no Aselia and its sequel? Utawarerumono? Re Lord 1(Re;Lord ~Herford no Majo to Nuigurumi~ | vndb) ? Castle Fantasia? Monster girl series?

    Sadly, I am in the same place you are in right now. If you are looking for just eushully translated vn's you are out of luck. These are too difficult to translate because of gameplay elements so they are skipped in favour of traditional text based games. Welcome to the world of translated VNS!
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    Amayui Castle meister got his 67% translation patch, everthing not translated i am reading with visual novel reader, so i am working with that for now. after i am done with that game i will try your suggestions.

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    Venus Blood, the best HRPG of recent times VenusBlood FRONTIER International - Games & Visual Novels

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