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    A translated eroge/vn with cute childhood friend characters like Manami or Nanami

    I hope you can help me. I started playing eroges a little while ago and was wondering if there are any translated eroges/vn where you could pick a childhood friend character like Manami from Oreimo or Nanami from the pet girl from sakurasou. I think everybody who has watched some romance anime knows these characters. They are kind, warm and cute. They fallen for the MC a long time ago but are to shy to admit it.
    The MC usually didn't notice their love. Then there comes along the new girl and at the end the childhood friend loses and stays alone. It saddens me because normally I really like these characters.
    So I ask you, is there a translated eroge or vn where you can pick such a character as your love. To make it a little bit harder, I would prefer Manami's design. Nerdy, short hair, glasses. It would be nice but I don't require it.

    I thank you in advance.
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    Sorry but there's a lot of anime characters with the name "Nanami" or "Manami". Could you please tell us the anime name?

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    Of course thank you. I mean Manami from Oreimo and Nanami from the pet girl from sakurasou.

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    so basically any character with childhood friend trope that can be romanced?
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    Quote Originally Posted by pramit View Post
    so basically any character with childhood friend trope that can be romanced?
    Not everyone, I would prefer childhood friend who are timid and shy. The ones which star light seem to go under when the tsundere arrives. I would also prefer if we don't have the scenario where the MC leaves for certain amount of time than comes back for the reunion. I like the trope of this natural trust. The idea of knowing someone since kindergarten, falling in love and recognizing that the thing you where looking for was always by your side.
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