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    Question about VN "Hello Lady"

    According to littleshogun's VN Translation Status threads, the title "Hello Lady" (Hello Lady! | vndb) is 100% translated and edited, but only lists "2020" for a release date. Can I interpret this to mean the publisher/devolper/etc. has a finished product ready for release, we just have to wait on them to decide to actually release it?

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    About it you can interpret it as that. However Nekonyan and Akatsuki Works decided to localized Superior Entelecheia which also included fandisc along with additional story, so it's quite obvious that they're not exactly finished here. But Nekonyan still promised us that they'll release it at this Summer, so let's see it later (Keep in mind that they also say that the plan may change, so expect some delay).

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    Thanks for the information.

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