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    Maybe you wanna give this one a try too: Hatsukoi
    I read it many years ago, and remember it being better than average (they're even related by blood).
    I'm usually not too much of a fan with drama in that regards, but this one has it (a certain person really doesn't like them going out).
    If you can't read jap, there is a partial patch, that translates the route you're looking for.

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    Check out Ikinari Anata ni Koishiteiru, one of the routes. And let's just say, that route becomes quite funny, especially towards the end.

    Though the style might not fall on everyone's tastes...

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    Maybe Gimai - Hitomi
    If you don't know the game check it out in the visual novel database.
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    Well, I've got some new titles to try. As the Japs are fond of saying "DOMO ARIGOTO, MR. ROBOTO"

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