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    Marina's Cuckold Report 2 VN Question (Spoilers for those who haven't played)

    I found this series by accident a while back and recently got back into because of the english release of 3. Since 2 isn't translated, I looked up what happens in it and found that Marina starts to develop feelings for the AV guy in the 2nd one. This made me really curious regarding the context around that. Was she about to leave her husband for him? If the AV guy had similar feelings would she have started something with him or did she love her husband enough to want to take a step back? I know this question is out of left field, but my curiosity is burning and won't stop until I get a clear answer, especially since this won't be translated for awhile most likely.

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    Check the discussion here for the gist of 2

    The translator of 3 said that 2 ran on a different engine and it was hard to get the script. So it is unlikely translation of 2 will come out anytime soon.

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