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    VN get more popular in West on console

    It's it just me or have vn get more popular in West on console like Switch and PS4, I'm not sure about Xbox one or Xbox Serie X and S.

    It's seems we are getting more VN on console lately.

    We just got Root Double Crime Days and soon we are getting Autumn Journeys on Switch.

    We have Clannad, Tomoya After, The Fruit of Grisaia, Phantom Trigger and many other VN on Switch.

    I'm very happy with that, since I enjoy play VN on Switch.

    I hope we are getting more VN in West on console.

    I have four favorite VN I hope get on Switch.

    1. Kanon(I know it might not be possible, but I hope it get ported on Switch)

    2. Da Capo

    3. Flowers -Le Volume sur Printemps-

    4. Air.

    I'm not much into yuri but I did enjoy Flowers -Le Volume sur Printemps- and I have plans to continue play it.

    What do you guys think about we are getting more VN on console?

    What VN do there hope get on console?

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    Cool way to get more fans, lime Umineko getting a PS4 edition.

    Though I'm not a console player myself, so I only see it that way.

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    So does it mean you mostly use PC? I didn't know that, it's too bad I don't own PS4 anymore.

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    Yes, I only play VNs on PC. I'm not a big fan of consoles. Plus VNs on consoles often get censored heavily.

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    The idea of VNs on consoles, specifically, seems rather pointless to me. While I can only speak for my country, as far as I'm aware, the major consoles don't support 18+ rated content. There's no law against 18+ content, the companies executives and the like have just chosen not to allow anything with a rating higher than the local equivalent of 17+. The whole idea of a VN with out 18+ content seems a waste of time to me, as I don't really see a difference at that point to picking up an actual book of shelf at a book store, and books a generally cheaper (not that I actually pay for my VNs, since I get them here), or even free if you use the library.

    Also, I find that using the TV for reading, specifically, is less than ideal. I sit much further from my TV than I do my computer monitor, making extended reading efforts taxing on my eyes*.

    PS: The above comments exclude the notion of unofficial patches that restore such content, and the likely necessary hacking of the console's OS to allow those patches to be applied. Just use a PC at that point.

    *Conspiracy Theory: Video game makers and TV maker's are in collusion. Some of my favorite console games use font sizes so small you practically have to be nose to the TV to read it. This is a conspiracy to make you buy expensive, needlessly large screen TVs that have price tags larger than the product of the screen resolution to make the text easier to read. Video game maker get a kickback for every oversized TV bought by a consumer.
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