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    Quote Originally Posted by Outpost Omega J View Post
    you're the insane one for asking.
    Oh so the jokes on me now?

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    Philosophical Debate Should VNs actually be classified as "games"

    Hi im looking for games CG and 3D that have customization and that i can change the girls , besides Kiss , illusion , do you guys know any nice games like that? or interactive novels , that have moving action

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    And I thought my poll shambled on for a little bit further as a the zombie that wouldn’t stay dead...

    I don’t know the answer to your question, Marleneelics, and even if I did, this thread has nothing to do with your question, not to mention it is quite stale with the last post being August 25th of last year. If you are so obviously going to derail the thread, please start a new thread instead in the future.

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    Bunny Black is a game whereas Taimanin Asagi is not a game.

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