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    Red face Please help inputs [Siluman Chronicle RPG] - Monster Girls Game

    Anybody here likes monster girls?
    We develop monster girls game and want some input about the story and how can we make it better,
    It's free to play with a lot of memes.

    [SC RPG-August Release] | Siluman on Patreon

    there is freebies of art-books and sketchbook if you become a patron

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    Time for some quick thoughts, just started but something to consider but there is no options I can see to turn down the volume which is too loud in my headphones so I have to manually turn it down in volume control. Have options in the menu so that can be control would be helpful and also consider having that on the title screen as well. Also I finding that the lack of letters such as e or the just the misspelling and wrong sentence structure is just throwing me off and making it hard to understand what being said. Now this sounds like a bad criticism but know I have to mention this since I just started your demo version you have and I was thrown off by this beginning. I know you are going for memes and comedy so I won't hold to much for goofy narrative. Anyway some quick thoughts will add more when I finish the demo, but I like monster games so I will not judge it completely until I am done.

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    Thanks for the input,
    We already in the process making options about messages auto skip and play.
    We will make the sound options when we patched everything together in this game.
    About the text is it the sentence(Shakespearean) or the font that makes you dizzy if you don't mind please elaborate more.

    Thank you

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