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    Honestly, it was fairly recently that I happened upon the genre. I was bored, having had some time off due to illness. I was on the mend, but my doctor's note didn't permit me to return to work for another few days. I scrolled around a bunch of websites, aimlessly wandering and checking out things like the steam forums. Then I happened upon some discussion involving a game called Nekopara. The discussion basically mentioned that the patches that were downloadable from offsite had some choice content that the devs had to remove in order to post the product on Steam. My curiosity being piqued, I ended up installing both the game and the patch. Now, this is where my story may diverge from the average. I'm sure that many people enjoyed the game's fairly simply storyline and sex scenes, but I had a particularly strong connection to the MC. See, the story is about a man of undetermined age (I'd assume mid 20s) who has finished his college courses to become a pastry chef and open his own restaurant. Thing is, I am also a chef who dreams of one day opening a shop of my own. I was able to slot myself right into "being" the MC. And that, as they say, was that. When you become emotionally invested in an eroge, it's unlike any other form of pornographic content. I'm sure everyone here knows what I mean. I'm still a relative newcomer to eroge in general (I've played maybe 10 of them), but I think I'll be into the genre for the long haul.
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    I found out about vns back in around 2016after watching PewDiePie play some eroge, what really draw me in was Hunie Pop, and I downloaded it as soon as I watched it, and so I came across this wonderful site called erogedownload which I visit when ever I can. My first nukige ( hentai game ) vn proper was, since I craved some taboo fetish, Oyako Saiin Chiiku, which is full of b-related incst.
    But it wasn't until I played a deeply emotional nakige like Kanon, which to this day I consider one of the very best out there, that I really dived into this amazing new world, and I hope to go on like this for quite awhile so long as time allows.

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