The hentai is delicious and the writing is prosaic. The writer describes in detail how Anna’s flexible fingers tease other girls’ pussy lips. She asserts her dominance, pinching their nipples and whispering dirty talk in the girls’ ears until they orgasm. Ayako witnesses the passionate lesbian sex unfold during her peeping session. She gets aroused in the process.

That’s usually how each of the hentai scenes play out whenever they occur. Most scenes are vanilla with no toys involved. I would’ve liked seeing pink jelly dildos stuffed into wet gaping pussies here and there. Thankfully Anna’s skilled tongue and sexy words are more than enough to bust nut after nut. The scenarios are made more arousing with Ayako watching.

There’s plenty of fap fuel for lovers of voyeurism. The writing describes how each of the girls are tortured with pleasure by their dominant partners. Their vaginas and tits get a good fondling. The scenes are of decent length and wonderfully voice acting. The game explores some kinks, but is mostly vanilla porn. There’s some rope-play and a girl with a dick later in the game, but the fleshy rod doesn’t get inserted into any vaginas.

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