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It's remarkable that I and others have somehow neglected to mention Steins;Gate!

Hopefully you are blissfully ignorant of the anime in which case you'll be able to enjoy this visual novel to its fullest potential. Each and every route is worth reading but as with any meal it is the main course that deserves you full attention.

This is an honest to god visual novel. It has a distinct visual art style and its writing is superb. If I were to recommend any visual novel to anyone it would be this one because it actually stands up on its own as a work of art. Steins;Gate (i can't seem to find it on here)

Now if you meant actual eroge with sexual content, check out Bunny Black 1 & 2. The second one is jaw droppingly (or nut bustingly) good and the gameplay is fun as well. https://erogegames.com/bunny-black-658/
I am quite familiar with Steins;Gate, actually. I've definitely seen and loved the anime. I've actually got it on my to-do list. And I definitely enjoy both story driven and nut-busting VNs.