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    Question Pretty new to eroge, looking for some recommendations

    I only recently (less than 6 months) discovered the joys of eroge. I've been going in blind and trying out games at a whim, but I've noticed that this often ends in disappointment or mediocrity. So, I figured I would ask the kind community of people who have played a lot of eroge if there is anything out there that might cater to my tastes. Obviously everyone has their different tastes, but I know there are games to cater to everyone. If you have a suggestion, a small description would be nice, too.

    Things I'd like to avoid:
    Rape. Not big on that. Especially if there's crying. Nothing will deflate my boner faster than a girl crying and begging to stop.
    Anal. Not a fan of that, either. I'll tolerate it in small doses, but if it's the main focus of the H-scenes, hard pass.
    Yaoi/yuri games.
    Bestiality. I don't mind animal ears and such (hell, Nekopara is what got me into this genre, I love catgirls and such), but that's about as far into the animal kingdom as I'm willing to dip my willy.
    NTR. That's not to say it can't be present, but I don't want it to be a focal point. Bad but avoidable ending where you lose the girl: acceptable. MC literally being cucked as part of the storyline: No. Convincing a girl who is taken but unhappy to leave and be with you: Acceptable. Playing an MC trying to break up a marriage by being all rapey/trying to break the woman: No.

    Things I consider positive points:
    A gripping story. I've played a few games that legitimately made me tear up, and I love it.
    Adult MC. I know the old "high school kids" trope makes up the majority of games, but I'm a college graduate, and I'd prefer a relatable character and scenario. This isn't hugely important though, so don't let a high school MC discourage you from recommending a gem.
    Simple gameplay. A few choices or a fun minigame here and there is perfectly OK, but I'm looking to kick back, enjoy a story, and maybe fap a little, not learn rocket surgery.
    Proper endings. I dislike open endings, and I want closure in my story. None of that "harem protagonist runs off into the sunset being chased by a crowd of girls, having not actually chosen" trope.
    Animated H-scenes. Always a bonus. Games can still be fine without them, of course.

    Finally, here's what I've already played, and a little about what I though about them, for reference:

    Nekopara: loved it

    Boob Wars: high quality H scenes, amusing dialogue, I enjoyed it

    Nekonin ExHeart: wasn't a big fan, story was blah. Doubt I'll be trying future entries.

    Cho Dengeki Stryker: Absolutely loved this one. Long story, interesting characters. Unique in that the MC is fully voice. Bonus points for full blown anime cutscenes.

    My Girlfriend is President: read this entirely because the title made me curious. Funny, but unremarkable. Though one of the heroines is a genderswapped schoolgirl version of Vladimir Putin, so that was... different.

    Fureraba: Story wasn't interesting until late into the game after you had chosen a girl. It was a tedious slog to get there, but a decent payoff. It made you care about them.

    Princess Evangile: I once called it bad, but it does get a lot better if you can push through the frankly terrible common route and pick a heroine
    Shuffle: Another unremarkable one. Only played it because I saw it had an anime. Maybe should have watched the anime first, then I would have known it was mediocre and not bothered.

    Clannad: The story in this one was so good I kept playing even after realizing it wasn't actually an eroge. Onion ninjas abound.

    Wolf Tails: Short but sweet. A good story, adorable endings, and equally adorable heroines.

    Shining Song Starnova: Really loved this one, it felt like it was about real people and tackled real problems, from PTSD, to corrupt businessmen, right down to the real life effects of internet trolls hacking people's personal information.

    The Ditzy Demons are in Love with Me: I chose it due to the fact it was the same artists as Nekopara. The heroines were either overwhelmingly adorable, or boring to the point of complete disinterest. This was the case with ALL the heroines in the game, and the uninteresting ones were a majority. Worth playing for the good ones, though. Just depends on your tastes. It's not particularly long, though, so don't go in expecting an engaging story.

    Katawa Shoujo: Play this game. The characters are all fantastic, even ones I initially hated grew on me. This game has some of the best writing I've come across in a VN.

    Song of Saya: Very good story, I played through it in one sitting. The sex scenes were not the kind to spank it to, rather they added to the story. Most were jarring as opposed to actually being sexy.

    If You Love Me, then Say So!: Not bad, but I only really liked 2 of the 5 heroines.

    The Sagara Family: A great Nukige, glad it was recommended. All of the heroines have endearing qualities, there wasn't any one person that I disliked, which is unusual.

    Hoshi Ori Yume Mirai: I've only played through one of the stories, but it was enjoyable. A super short common route, followed by a fairly long character route. Followed by a second, equally long after story for each character. It's nearly drama free, so it's one that I'll come back to when I want a stress free VN.

    Eroge! ~H mo Game mo Kaihatsu Zanmai~: I tried this one after seeing the hentai for it... but wow. It was NOT good. It would have been one thing if the animation had been made after, but apparently the anime predates the game. The art was really odd and often made the character's faces look completely wrong, and oh my god the voice acting... I chose to pursue the brunette girl from the hentai, but her VA during the sex scenes was a total buzzkill. Ever seen the move Beetlejuice? You know that scene where they throw sheets over their heads to try and scare Lydia and her family out of the house? They comical ghost wails are pretty much exactly what the voice acting came out as from the sex scenes in this VN. I ended up laughing through some parts. Art and voice acting aside, it wasn't terrible (pretty standard Nukige fare), but if you add those in it was awful.

    Boku To Nurse No Kenshuu Nisshi: This one is adorable. It's a linear story with no routes or choices, you just watch as the MC and the Heroine fall in love very naturally. It's definitely still a Nukige, though, so lots of sex scenes. Only downside is that it's very short. Even taking your time, it'll be over within three hours.
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    396 is a straight forward porn game. Pick a girl's route and watch the story unfold. No frills here so don't expect too much from the plot. This is my favorite visual novel. It's a very dark murder mystery. Completing all of the routes is as rewarding as it is depressing. If you read this one read it over a period of months. Another one I enjoyed greatly. One girl and three routes. Its short and its sweet.

  3. #3 - long VN with interesting heroines - another long VN with pretty vanilla story

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    Thanks for the suggestions. I'll look into that stuff once I'm finished with my current game.
    At the end of the day, I fap for those who cannot fap for themselves. If that makes me an outlaw, so be it. Iíve been called worse.

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    I've gone through a couple of your guys' suggestions, thanks for those! So far so good. I've been playing whatever catches my eye, like before, but I've also been looking into your recommendations. Lemme know if you have any other gems to suggest!
    At the end of the day, I fap for those who cannot fap for themselves. If that makes me an outlaw, so be it. Iíve been called worse.

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    My Girlfriend is President (read this entirely because the title made me curious. Funny, but unremarkable. Though one of the heroines is a genderswapped schoolgirl version of Vladimir Putin, so that was... different)
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    Welp, that can't be unseen.
    At the end of the day, I fap for those who cannot fap for themselves. If that makes me an outlaw, so be it. Iíve been called worse.

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