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    oh I see, So whish Saya and Futaki gets complete edited, Are Little Busters! Ecstasy complete?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Henta20 View Post
    oh I see, So whish Saya and Futaki gets complete edited, Are Little Busters! Ecstasy complete?
    It'll still need to be proofread and there still might be some common route stuff to do, but yeah, it'll mostly be complete after those.. but it'll still be a while.

    EDIT: Even after completely translating Saya's route, there might still be ~10k lines to translate.
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    At least that one didn't die like Irotoridori no Sekai.

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    Quote Originally Posted by killerinsidee View Post
    Jinx or no jinx? :/
    dammit killer ;_;

    Quote Originally Posted by Chipp12 View Post
    dammit Chipp i was going to post this -.- oh well i can still quote it for the lazy people
    I have received word that editing for Shizuku’s route is finally done. That is all. Blah edit: The editor’s started working on Kohaku’s route, and it shouldn’t take anywhere near as long as Shizuku’s route since he’s not swamped with schoolwork anymore. Hopefully we can finish this project up within a couple months. As for an update from the technical side of things, word wrap mostly works, but repacking still kind of messes up some parts of the game. They won’t affect the actual gameplay, but trying to access CG mode and replay mode will crash the game. If anyone wants to help out, please contact us.
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    does anybody knows any info about Little busters ecstasy, the translation will be released in this decade ?

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