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    Why must it be hard for me? I have the patience to wait for some crackies. My earlier quote (you seem to have a lot of free time if you dig up some of my ancient posts) was proven wrong, as it seems as there are many persons who can't wait for two weeks and MG makes the most sales in this period (Ivan mentioned this once).
    For those interested in the original source, I managed to preserve the quote from a Mangagamer representative before it was lost in the Great Mangagamer Forum Crash of 2013:
    Basically, most games our games have a long-tail rate of sales per day, which is measurable on one-hand (sometimes this applies per week, not per day). When a crack is released, the rate of sales immediately plummets to this base long-tail rate of sales. Granted, the rate of sales naturally decreases after release, and fairly rapidly too. So, if a crack is released a month or two after the initial release (depending on the starting popularity of the game), when it's already entered this long-tail naturally, the impact is minimal. But when the crack is released during the first week when the rate of sales are at their highest? It can easily kill a game, and make sequels and expansions of that franchise unfeasible.

    That's part of why Boob Wars did so extremely well for us upon its release--since it took so long for a crack to be completed, it was actually able to enjoy its normal and natural period of sales for the most part, rather than being prematurely plucked like almost every other title. This is why you'll see Doddler and other members of our staff asking people to at least wait before releasing a crack--those first two weeks make a tremendous difference.

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