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    Visual Novels Translation Status [03/23/2014]

    ‡†~~VNs Translation Status~~†‡

    The Updates will be in red so check them every sunday.

    • 12Riven -the Ψcliminal of integral - 38/72 scripts translated
    • Ace Attorney Investigations 2 - translation: 100%, editing 75%, case 1, 2, and 3 released
    • Air (Project 1) - One project released 2nd Beta patch and 70% edited
    • Air (Project 2) - Going through quality control
    • Amagami - 445/1966 original edition scenario scripts translated (22.6%)
    • Aoiro Rinne - "Translation progress: roughly 53% (588 KB of 1.12 MB)"
    • Anniversary no Kuni no Alice - 49% translated, 27% edited
    • Ayakashibito - Fully translated and edited. Finalization and QC, and installer before release
    • Coμ - Kuroi Ryuu to Yasashii Oukoku - 38461/51433 (74.78%) lines translated, Second partial patch out
    • Cannon Ball ~Neko Neko Machine Rage Race!~ - 32584/36902 (88.30%) lines translated
    • Cocoro Function - 11935/53644 (22.25%) lines translated
    • Chichi Miko - Fully translated, 15% edited
    • Chichi Miko Plus 1 - Fully translated and edited
    • Fate/Hollow Ataraxia- 100% translated, script 74.6% validated
    • Fortune Arterial - Prologue completely translated, patches for Shiro, Kiriha and Kanade routes released. Erika route 65% done. Haruna route 80% done.
    • Flyable Heart - 14.61% translated in new translation project
    • Grisaia no Meikyuu - 208/2797 (7.44%) KB translated, 140/2797 (5.00%) edited
    • Haruka Na Sora - Sora 11.29% translated, Kozue 23.73% translated
    • Hatsuyuki Sakura - 10.81% translated
    • Killer Queen - 49/72 scripts translated and 10/72 scripts edited
    • Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate - 353/397 files translated, 181/397 files edited
    • Koiken Otome - 66.37% translated, 17.74% edited
    • Kourin no Machi - 8361/36959 (49.6%) lines translated
    • Kichikou Rance - 47.7% translated, 30.6% edited
    • Kud Wafter - 11415/33132 (34.45%) lines translated
    • KuruKuru Fanatic - 51% translated
    • Little Busters EX - Kanata route first pass edited. Saya route ~30% translated
    • Lamune - Nanami's route (1576/5293 lines)
    • Majikoi A - Sayaka patch released, Benkei 65% translated
    • Majikoi S -Momoyo 44% translated, 44% edited, Koyuki 20% translated
    • Muv-Luv Altered Fable - 65% partial patch released
    • Muv-Luv TDA00 - 33% partial patch released
    • Mahoutsukai no Yoru - Fully translated, in TLC
    • Oreimo PSP - 272/299 scripts translated, 153/299 through TLC+Editing, 138/299 scripts finalized
    • Oreimo Tsuzuku - Youtube based project, Kirino part 23.5, Ayase part 23
    • PersonA - 36% translated
    • Princess Maker 5 - ~90%, translation progress stalled while putting together a beta patch
    • Pure Pure - 64.60% ready for testing
    • Rose Guns Days Season 3 - 60% translated and edited
    • Rance 4.2 - 60% translated and edited
    • Rance Quest - 60% translated and edited
    • Seitenkan - 39.3% translated, partial patch released
    • Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke o: Amakute Otona no Torokeru Chuu - Fully translated and edited
    • Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke o: Lily Platinum - 17/18 scripts translated
    • Subarashiki Hibi ~Furenzoku Sonzai~ - 43399/53562 (81.0%) lines translated and 40597/53562 (75.8%) lines edited
    • Sukisho! - First Limit - 54% translated
    • Supreme Candy - 12884/43261 (~29.8%) lines translated
    • Tasogaredoki no Kyoukaisen - 3207/19649 (16.32%) translated
    • Tenshin Ranman - Prologue patch released, 1829.2/4560 (40.1%) translated
    • White Album 2 - Overall: 10760/70253 (15.31%) lines translated, Introductory Chapter: 10760/10769 (99.91%) lines translated
    • Walkure Romanze - 4,268/8037 lines of the prologue translated
    • Yoakemae Yori Ruriiro Na - 100% translated and edited, 54% QC
    • Yosuga no Sora - Translation status is Common route 100%, Sora route 100%, Nao 53.56%, Kazuha 100%, Akira 73.62% Motoka 28.75%
    • Your Diary - Prologue patch released, common route fully translated, 11/19 scripts translated for Yua's route, 1/10 scrpts translated of Kanade's route

      Other projects
    • Fata morgana no Yakata

    • Bokuten - picked up
    • Chou Dengeki Stryker - Martch 28th release
    • Milles - In scripting
    • Imouto Paradise - Through scripting
    • Cartagra - editing complete, in scripting
    • Kara no Shoujo 2 - picked up
    • Armored Warrior Iris - Fully translated and edited
    • Space Pirate Sara - 50% translated
    • Free Friends - Fully translated and edited
    • Free Friends 2 - 12% translated, 10% edited
    • Princess Evangile - 99% translated, 97% edited
    • D2B vs Deardrops - In scripting
    • Really? Really! - finalizing beta testing, Demo version complete
    • Da Capo 3 - Prologue 69% translated, 6.3% translated overall
    • Working on a yuri title with a doujin group
    • Higurashi (Retranslation) - 49% edited
    • [B]Work being done on a fanTL of Shin Koihime with hopes of getting it licensed

      JAST - Soon™
    • Steins;Gate - 3/31 release, Golden master.
    • Hanachirasu - 99%
    • Django - Couple more months of translation
    • Kikokugai - Working out issues
    • Sumaga - Fully translated, in editing
    • Seinarukana - Mostly translated
    • Starless - In translation
    • Starry Sky - negotations
    • Trample on Schatten - In translation
    • Romanesque - In translation
    • Shiny Days - Translation mostly complete
    • Osadai FD- Fully translated, 94.48% edited
    • Raidy 3 - testing after release of S;G
    • Sweet Home -In translation
    • Sumeragi Bitch - Picked up

      In develoment

    • Violet Hill - 38% done

    • Sunrider - A Space Visual Novel/Tactical RPG
    • My Little Dictator - A Battle Visual Novel
    • Megatokyo
    • Swords of Edo
    • Dysfunctional Systems

    New projects announced

    ---------------->Rance 4.2 - Rance Translations/Tulip Goddess Maria<----------------
    ---------------->Rance Quest + Magnum - Rance Translations/Tulip Goddess Maria<----------------
    ---------------->Tokeijikake no Ley Line -Tasogaredoki no Kyoukaisen- - Kohaku Translations<----------------
    ---------------->Boku ga Tenshi ni Natta Wake - Mangagamer<----------------

    Completed projects this week


    Credit goes to Anon at /jp/ in

    That's all for this week!! Enjoy!!

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    Guess I should've cleared that up. For those who don't know me, I'm the manager of The SKM Project and, as the initials would imply, we're the team doing Shin Koihime Musou. Licensing is not the issue anymore. MangaGamer is covering all localization costs and BaseSon is helping as much as they can.

    Due to a few legal technicalities, MangaGamer has to be hands-off in terms of actually working with The SKM Project team, but they've already made a deal with BaseSon to use and publish our finished product.

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    Maybe I'll give Rance a shot... had been avoiding it due to the artwork up until now...

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    Ayakashibito - Fully translated and edited. Finalization and QC, and installer before release
    Fully translated and edited? Fuck yeah!

    Yosuga no Sora - Translation status is Common route 100%, Sora route 100%, Nao 53.56%, Kazuha 100%, Akira 73.62% Motoka 28.75%
    Moe progress? Fuck yeah!

    Cartagra - editing complete, in scripting
    Editing complete? Fuck yeah!

    Rance 4.2 - Rance Translations/Tulip Goddess Maria
    New Rance game? Fuck yeah!
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    Tasogaredoki no Kyoukaisen - 3207/19649 (16.32%) translated
    This looks interesting, will look forward to it

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    RetroGoat, do you expect to finish project this year, if everything works out?

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    For nostalgic reasons I was roaming around alice-soft titles on vndb. There seems to have been something going on with Daiteikoku, though I don't know if we can expect much progress in the future. However, the project seems to have been revived long ago.


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    Did someone really picked up Rance Quest?
    'Cause when I checked Alicesoft wiki, it was still 0.8-something%...

    Edited: Whooops...Never mind that...Just went through 4chan to confirm it...

    Quote Originally Posted by Tulip Goddess Maria
    Current Quest progress is 0.95% messages and 8.71% strings and I am really not expecting to finish this game in my lifetime, so I don't even know if it's wise to keep doing weekly updates like I'm making significant progress.
    Look at Rance...Becoming a hero to the Kalar tribes...
    Last edited by lucifer193; 03-23-2014 at 01:12 PM.

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    While it may be a bit optimistic of me to say this, I am hoping for a 2014 release for Shin Koihime Musou. Keyword being hoping. All depends on how smoothly the project goes.

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    Hey guys... so I have some less good news. I'm really happy about RetroGoat and his team getting Shin Koihime Musous up and going (REALLY HAPPY ABOUT THAT!), but we've hit a bit of a roadblock for our team formation...

    Life has decided to take me elsewhere.

    I've been working on a lab project with another group of close friends, and we were getting our funding from the college. Fortunately, our project was seeing a lot of success. Like a lot. So much so, that the school couldn't afford to fund it any further, and we hit a dead end. In order to combat that, our team is now being funded by another school (which he have yet to decide on out of a pool of possibilities). What that means though, is that 37 of the team of 51, myself included (I'm the head of the project) are moving to another school starting after summer. I was just told this this morning by the dean. The only other person from the translation team that will be going with me of course, is Zoe, my girlfriend. Granted, she didn't have much to contribute to the team from the starting point outside of moral support and beta testing.

    I'm really sorry to announce this guys, and I know it's technically on the wrong thread, but this is where it started and I promised to update it from. I tried from the bottom of my heart to make something cool happen, and apparently life just didn't want that to happen. From the sounds of it, the rest of the would-be team is going to try to do something on their own, but given that they've only just gotten halfway through their first practice game, (Oyako Lesson) they still have a long way to go if they want to take this further. Thank you for the support you guys gave me while we tried our hardest. I can't find the words to say how sorry I am for how this turned out.

    TL;DR: New translation team died due to life.

    Under the honest sky I breathe, I pledge to live, waving my fears goodbye!
    ~Blood Stain Child, Unlimited Alchemist~

    "It's not my job to stay outta hell, it's my job to make sure it's packed when I get there."

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