~~H-RPG Translation Status~~

Kagura Games
Ambrosia – Coming soon
Brave Alchemist Colette
Cage of the Succubi – Coming soon
Country Girl Keiko – Coming soon
Dark Hero Party (already translated by fan) – Coming soon
Demon Queen Melissa – Coming soon
Divine Miko Koyori – Coming soon
Dungeon town – Coming soon
Imouto!? Life (already translated by fan) – Coming soon
Knights of Messiah – Coming soon
Liz (already translated by fan) – Coming soon
Princesses never lose – Coming soon
Princess of Zeven – Coming soon
Public Defense Corp (already translated by fan) – Coming soon
Raiohgar (already translated by fan) – Will be released on 26 March 2020
Shera and the Three Treasure – Coming soon
Succubus X Saint! – Coming soon
Ruins Seeker – Coming soon
Zefira – Coming soon

Fan Translation Projects
Curse Errant – The game has been updated and the translator continues the TL project
Dungeon Party - Part 1/8 translated
Escape From Uninhabited Island – 78% Translated
Exorcist Rio – Common events translated
Explorer of the Golden Planet – Picked up
Goddess of Memorier – Picked up
Granende II – Picked up
I am your Guignol – Roughly 2/3 done
Jodie, Owner of the Whorehouse – Much of the menu, items, equipments, and other basics are translated
Lilia's Livelihood (MTL) - Picked up
Lulu Farea 2 – Intro and first three chapters done, two chapters left, 23 H-scenes left
Nightmare Girls – Only 8 H-scenes left for editing
Panic Party – Picked up
Princess Sacrifice (VN) – 90% translated
Sacred Princess: Holy Hentai Monogatari – December release
SEQUEL blight – According to the translator, someone else already working on the translation of this game earlier than him, with much more progress. Plus, back in July, the developer himself said in his blog that he intends to localize the game himself. Thus, until further notice, this translation is put on the shelf.
SHRIFT (MTL) – 100% translated, now fixing several technical stuff
Sneak in Desperada – the translator gave out his translation work to the developer, DL site's English version in the future is possible but still in TBA status
Succubus Island Explorer 3 – 75% Translated
Succubus Senki – Chapter 5 Translated
Succubus Tamer 2 – 30570/43917 lines translated
Teaching Feeling – SP lost the license, the fan-translator resume his fan-TL project, no release date yet
The dream of non-humans – Six H-scenes left, then editing process
Urge to Molest – 6/17 Main game files translated. 0/17 DLC files translated.

This Week's New Project(s)

This Week's Completed Project(s)
Mini Game Solely For Masturbation: Female Soldier
SODOM – Two Girls in a City of Violence
To Be At Your Side: Beloved Wife Inseminated (MTL)
Yui-chan’s experience as a horny landlord