~~H-RPG Translation Status~~

Kagura Games
Ambrosia – Coming soon
Brave Alchemist Colette
Country Girl Keiko – Coming soon
Dark Hero Party (already translated by fan) – Coming soon
Demon Queen Melissa – Coming soon
Divine Miko Koyori – Coming soon
Dungeon town – Coming soon
How to Build a Magnificent Kingdom
Imouto!? Life (already translated by fan) – Coming soon
Knights of Messiah – Coming soon
Liz (already translated by fan) – Coming soon
Princesses never lose – Coming soon
Princess of Zeven – Coming soon
Public Defense Corp (already translated by fan) – Coming soon
Raiohgar (already translated by fan) – Will be released on 26 March 2020
Succubus X Saint! – Coming soon
Ruins Seeker – Coming soon
Zefira – Coming soon

Fan Translation Projects
Curse Errant – The game has been updated and the translator continues the TL project
Dungeon Party - Part 1/8 translated
Escape From Uninhabited Island – 78% Translated
Exorcist Rio – Common events translated
Explorer of the Golden Planet – Picked up
Goddess of Memorier – Picked up
Granende II – Picked up
I am your Guignol – Roughly 2/3 done
Jodie, Owner of the Whorehouse – Much of the menu, items, equipments, and other basics are translated
Lulu Farea 2 – Intro and first three chapters done, two chapters left, 23 H-scenes left
Nightmare Girls – Nearly done, will be released in the Christmas week
Panic Party – Picked up
Princess Sacrifice (VN) – 90% translated
Sacred Princess: Holy Hentai Monogatari – Only the recollection room left to translate
SEQUEL blight – The ULMF translator continues his project with the following progress - 100% main story with common events, H-scenes and version 2.0 script left
SHRIFT (MTL) – 100% translated, now fixing several technical stuff
Sneak in Desperada – The translator gave out his translation work to the developer, DL site's English version in the future is possible but still in TBA status
Succubus Island Explorer 3 – 75% Translated
Succubus SenkiUp until chapter 7 Translated
Succubus Tamer 232940/43917 lines translated
Teaching Feeling – In progress
The dream of non-humans – Six H-scenes left, then editing process
Urge to Molest – 6/17 Main game files translated. 0/17 DLC files translated.

This Week's New Project(s)

This Week's Completed Project(s)
Frel Hades
Pink Slave