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    Visual Novels Translation Status [26/2/2018]

    ~~VNs Translation Status~~

    The Updates will be in red so check them every Sunday

    Aheahe Moon - 100% translated, patch should be released "within a month or two"
    Aiyoku No Eustia - 34.57% Translated, 21.57% edited
    Amagami - "Script translation done. 579/2308 original edition scenario scripts edited (25.1%)"
    Clover Day's - 100% translated, editing + TLC still to go
    Chaos;Head Noah - Fan translation ongoing
    Daitoshokan - 100% translated and edited, images, engine work and QC remain
    Dragon Knight 4 - Being translated
    Fate/Extra CCC - 17% translated
    Gakuen Heaven 2 - Demo released
    HaraChuchu - Kukuri's route patch released
    Heart no Kuni no Alice - 91% translated, 4th partial patch released
    Junketsu Megami-Sama - partial patch released
    Kanojo to Ore to Koibito to - 8% (2443/28887) lines translated
    Koiken Otome Revive - 13% (3453/27095) lines translated
    Lovely x Cation 2 - Common route translated
    Lover Able - 100% translated, 32.62% edited
    Maji Koi A-3 - 32/95 scripts translated
    Majo Koi Nikki - Through TLC + Editing, QC remains, prologue patch released
    Mahou Tsukai no Yoru - 3 semi-active projects, one project released ch 1-7
    Monster girl quest paradox - Part 1 patch released
    Musumaker - 49.2% translated
    Nursery Rhyme - 100% translated, technical issues resolved, being edited now
    Oreimo Tsuzuku - All scripts through TLC+Editing, 250/268 scripts finalized
    Pure Pure - 62.24% translated
    Sayonara wo Oshiete - 116405/257436 (45.2%) characters translated
    Shin Koihime Musou - 91% (99562/108888) translated, 17% (18829/108888) edited
    Tsui Yuri - 30% (2687/5872) QC
    Tsujidou-san no Jun'ai Road - 90.98% translated, common + Ai + Maki + Saeko routes released, targeting a full release by April 8th
    Tsuriotsu - 7637/31643 (24.1%) lines translated, 4080/31643 (12.9%) lines edited
    Ushinawareta Mirai o Motomete - 34% (11889/35476) lines translated
    Watashi wa Kyou Koko de Shinimasu - 10% (232/2265) lines translated
    Witch's Garden - 38% (20558/53677) lines translated
    Yosuga no Sora - Translation status is Common route 100%, Sora route 100%, Nao 100%, Kazuha 100%, Akira 89.88%, Motoka 41.83%, Common and Kazuha fully edited

    Kuroinu - Chapter 2 released, Chapter 3 fully translated and edited
    Higurashi Hou - chapter 5 released. chapters 6-8 through TLC+Editing, answer arcs to be released within a year and Rei arcs started
    Bokuten - Port in progress
    SukiSuki - In Beta
    Fata morgana fan disc - 100% translated and edited
    Maggot Baits - 73% translated, 22% edited
    Hapymaher - In testing
    Hadaka Shitsuji fandisc - Picked up
    Shiei no Sona-Nyl - 33% translated
    Hashihime - 100% translated, 67% edited
    Trinoline - 82% translated, 41% edited
    Kyonyuu Fantasy Gaiden - March 29th release
    Evenicle - In testing
    Magical Marriage Lunatics - In testing
    Damekoi - "Beta testing complete, in scripting"
    Koropokkur - In development
    Sonohana Maidens of Michael - Released
    Supipara ch 2 - Through testing
    Room No.9 - Picked up
    Sengoku Rance - 100% translated and edited
    Rance Quest - 74% translated, 55% edited
    Sweet Switch - Testing complete
    Bitter Exclusion - 100% translated and edited
    Overdrive's Final title - English release planned

    Princess X fandisc - Picked up
    Flowers - Volume 2 is fully translated
    Katahane - Fully translated, in editing + QC, Early 2018 release
    Majikoi - 2018 release
    Trample on Schatten - Planned for 2018
    Django - Waiting on translation.
    Sweet Home - Planned for 2018
    Sumaga- Fully translated, 70% edited
    Machine Child - Announced
    Sweet Pool - Picked up

    2236 A.D. - English version released by the Japanese developer, Sekai release upcoming
    Ley-Line: Daybreak of Remnants Shadow - 100% translated
    Ley-Line: Flowers Falling in the Morning Mist - 50% translated
    Mhakna Gramura and Fairy Bell - Released
    Riajuu Plus - Release "within a couple months"
    Maitetsu - In QA
    Hoshizora no Memoria Eternal Heart - Kickstarter finished
    Miko no Kanata - 2017 release
    Nanairo Reincarnation - 80% translated, Early 2018 release
    Baldr Sky - Combined release of Dive 1 + Dive 2 in mid 2018
    The Bell Chimes For Gold - Waiting on fixes
    Memory's Dogma - Code:01 Released, 02 onwards upcoming
    Creature Romances Series - Waiting on a third party
    Tenshin Ranman - QA and engine work next
    Koikuma - Waiting on a third party
    Fault - Silence the Pedant - Demo released, Q4 release
    Fault Milestone 2 - Side Above released, GE still to come
    Fatal Twelve - In QA, Late March release
    Her and Her and My 7 Days - Through QA
    Girls in Glasses - Through QA
    CyberRebeat - Picked up
    G-senjou no Maou - Denpa version announced
    Re;Lord ~Herford no Majo to Nuigurumi~ - About to start QA
    Nekopara Vol 4 - Announced
    Rewrite+ - Picked up
    NarKarma EngineA - Announced
    Dracu-Riot - In QA
    Senren * Banka - Picked up
    Ninja Girl - Announced
    Island Diary - Announced
    Love Duction - 20% translated
    Koi ni, Kanmi o Soete - Picked up
    Subete no Koi ni, Hanabata o. - Picked up
    Tropical Liquor - March 9th release
    Her and Her and My 7 Days - Released

    Sharin no Kuni - April release, Scripting, debugging, and QA remain
    Momoiro Closet - Kickstarter started, April 27th release
    Island - 100% translated, 40-50% edited, 2018 release
    2 upcoming secret announcements

    Muv Luv Alternative - Released, R18 patch still to come
    Muv-Luv Photonflowers - Translation started
    Muv-Luv Photonmelodies - To follow Photonflowers
    Schwarzesmarken - Through Greenlight
    Kiminozo - Picked up

    Code: Realize fandisc - March 30th release
    7'scarlet - 2018 release
    Kokuchou no Psychedelica - April 20th release
    Haitaka no Psychedelica - May 18th release

    Seven Days - Late 2017 release
    Chuusotsu! 1st graduation - Kickstarter finished, demo released, March 2018 release

    Sakura Sakura - March release, demo released, Steam page up
    Newton to Ringo no Ki - 89% of common route, 1st, 2nd route and 11% of third route translated, 76% of common route, 100% of 1st route, and 17% of second route edited, demo released

    Fureraba ~Friend to Lover~ - Through TL + TLC + Editing, 80% QC, late March release
    Hello,good-bye - 10% translated, 2018 release, Summer 2018 release
    Sanoba Witch - 20% translated, Fall 2018 release
    Melty Moment - Aiming for a release next Winter
    Suki to Suki to de Sankaku Ren'ai - Early 2019 release

    Tayutama 2 - Q1 2018 release, delayed to revise scripts, R18 patch planned but may not be ready at launch
    Hemoimo - Dropped by SakuraGame and no longer being released on Steam, late January Fakku release planned
    Hakuoki: Edo Blossoms - Spring 2018 release
    Magical Charming - Release planned
    Song of Memories - Release planned
    Tsundere Idol: My Personal M-Pet! - Kickstarter started
    Neighbor - 2018 release, Prefundia up, Kickstarter starting March 1st
    428: Shibuya Scramble - 2018 release
    Angel Beats - 50% translated
    Love Sweets - Picked up
    Noratoto - Picked up
    Himawari to Koi no Kioku - On Steam Greenlight
    Harumade, Kururu - Seems to have an English release planned
    Monmusu - 2018 release
    Taisho Alice - Volume 1 released
    Lucky Dog - Possible iOS released based on the ongoing text only fanTL

    New projects announced

    Completed projects this week

    That is all for this week!! Enjoy!!

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    New project announced: Nanatsuiro★Drops, by Doki Fansubs. First two parts of the common route released.

    Summary from vndb;

    Masaharu Tsuwabuki is a normal student, though not very social. One day he meets a new student named Sumomo Akihime, and another girl named Yaeno Nadeshiko, Sumomo's close friend. That same afternoon, he suddenly bumps into Arthur, a servant of Nona Yuki from Figurare who at the time was disguised with a mask. The collision causes Arthur to drop a bag full of magical potions; amid gathering up the scattered cans, one of them is accidentally switched with Masaharu's soda can. Upon drinking it, he transforms into a stuffed animal lamb at night. He must collect seven stardrops, in order to return to normal.

    There are two primary worlds within the story of Nanatsuiro Drops: the human world called Retroscena, and a magical world called Figurare from which the Stellar Spinners originate. There are currently two schools that teach magic within Figurare: Pramu Cloris and Saint Asparas. According to Natsume, each year the two schools pick their top Stellar Spinners (the one from Pramu Cloris is called Prima Pramu, and from Saint Asparas is called Prima Asparas) to send to the human world to capture seven stardrops in a goodwill competition to improve relations.

    The vn also had an anime adaptation back in 2007.

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