~~H-RPG Translation Status~~

Kagura Games
7 Girls War Coming soon
Ambrosia Coming soon
Crimson Colosseum Coming soon
Demon Queen Melissa Coming soon
Dungeon town Coming soon
Explorer of Yggdrasil Coming soon
Explorers of the Abyss Coming soon
False Myth Coming soon
How to Build a Magnificent Kingdom Coming soon
Island of Penance Coming soon
Knights of Messiah Coming soon
Lisa and the Grimoire Coming soon
Magical Swordmaiden Coming soon
Princess of Zeven Coming soon
Public Defense Corp (already translated by fan) Coming soon
Sonia and the Hypnotic City (Official Re-translation) Coming soon
Scars of Summer Coming soon
Succubus X Saint! Coming soon
Succubus Affection Coming soon
Succumate Coming soon
Sylphy and the Sleepless Island Picked up
Tear and the Library of Labyrinths Picked up
Welcome to the Adventurer Inn Coming soon

Fan Translation Projects
Assassin Sara Picked up
Arle the Sorceress Picked up
Bakana Imouto 80% translated
Bad End Story Picked up
Cannon ~ Cocoa Island Case File Picked up
Curse Errant The game has been updated and the translator continues the TL project
Escape From Uninhabited Island 78% Translated
Exorcist Rio (MTL) Common events translated
Explorer of the Golden Planet Picked up
Fate/Empire of dirt Picked up
Filana And The medicine Of Life Picked up
Grandchildren short story Picked up
Goddess of Memorier Picked up
Granende II Picked up
Hounds of the Meteor (MTL) September build fully translated
Horny Bunny Hana (MTL) Picked up
Hitozuma Elf no Orusuban 60% of the game has been translated
I am your Guignol Roughly 2/3 done
Kodoku the Successor Picked up
Kunoichi Ayame (MTL) Picked up
Lizbel (MTL) Picked up
Lulu Farea 2 Intro and first three chapters done, two chapters left, 23 H-scenes left
Mission Mermaiden The developer announced official Eng version, the fan translation temporary halted until further notice
Neet, Angel and naughty Family Picked up
Nightmare Girls Nearly done
Ninja girl Ayame General dialog 70% translated, Scenes 98% translated, GUI and items 100% translated
Oneshota Dragon - 90% done
Princess Sacrifice (VN) 90% translated
Paiotsu Break Picked up
PANACEA Z (MTL) Picked up
Scars of Summer Picked up
SHRIFT (MTL) 100% translated, now fixing several technical stuff
Sneak in Desperada 80 - 85% translated
Sorcery Kingdom (MTL) Picked up
Straight Through the Maze Picked up
Succubus Island Explorer 3 75% Translated
Succubus King and the Lost Grail - Put on hold until the developer adds new content
Succubus Senki Chapter 11 released
Teaching Feeling In progress
The Tale of Undercrust Nearly done
Yuka: Shards of the grand Yokai Picked up

This Week's New Project(s)

This Week's Completed Project(s)
Gachinko Pirates