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    Custom maid 3d 2 download

    Custom maid 3d 2



    hi, i would like to share this here, in case someone has missed this game.
    this is not a visual novel, this is a 3d maid H-simulator

    the game interface is fully translated, intro story is translated.
    you wont really miss alot even though its partially translated,
    since allthe necessary things to train ur maid waifu is translated..
    and the game doesn't have that much story

    Additional notes:

    there's a download from and hongfire, i chose the one on hongfire.

    the DLC Download on hongfire is kinda hard to grasp so
    here is the alternative download link for all DLC
    i haven't tested nyaa version, i don't know if everything is ready to go, or you need to manually install
    i chose hongfire because it has detailed guide too, which i don't know if applicable to nyaa version.

    if i remember correctly, i only installed DLC, uncensor, HF patch and Translation patches.

    System requirements, game info:

    Gameplay Summary:

    basically, you become the new manager of a maid prostitution business,
    hire or create your 1st maid and train her so you can pay back your debt,
    your maid can either do household duties, service customers, train other maids
    or service you. objective is to obtain enough money and train maids to a certain level
    and title.


    not all screenshots for all the mods were included.
    some of them have no sample screenshots.

    N777's mods
    @08860onakasuita's mods

    Spoiler:show videos

    Additional game info:

    game has 200+ set costumes.
    has poses, dances, orgy..
    maid fully customizable including personality
    unlock new dress, hair, sets and etc using in-game currency

    Mods Download

    Spoiler:View mods

    check Screenshots section for mod screenshots

    Spoiler:n777 mod

    N777's mod's
    (gathered on 3/12/2017)

    according to modder, 4 mods that required "DEFLRAC". i have no knowledge about it,
    so i can't guarantee anything. but info on it can be located
    here or here

    4 mods mentioned are:
    Tianjin wind
    Cloud masses
    Lu 500
    Sixth Destroyer Squadron additional parts

    Spoiler:@08860onakasuita's mods

    @08860onakasuita's mods (gathered on 3/13/2017)

    Mod Installation

    From what i understand, installing character mods need (2) things
    the preset file and the texture files.. unless you're only installing clothing mod

    texture files are custom textures that have been made by 3d modders,
    and is usually contained inside a folder.
    example: socks_texture, necktie_texture, hat_texture.

    preset file is the save file when you save the character you made.

    downloaded mods normally contains texture and preset.

    ! CAUTION !
    ! please make backup for Mod and Preset folder !
    ! before pasting mods and presets !

    preset file goes to:

    game directory > Preset

    texture files goes to:

    each character usually contain more than (1) texture folder per character,

    game directory > Mods

    please, check system requirements before downloading.
    Download | Hongfire
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    good job Charli

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    Yeah, good job, might pick it up one day xD

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    post updated: added N777's mods, how to install mods and added tons of screenshots, that works even without being logged in.
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    added new mods from @08860onakasuita some screenshots and sample videos
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