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    Interactive and creative sex simulation is the main draw of the game. Sex scenes are broken up into segments. You can choose from different forms of foreplay before moving on to fucking your maid’s brains out in dozens of positions. Vaginal sex results in breaking your maid’s hymen and watching the blood drip from her pussy.

    During blowjobs and normal sex you can choose to cum either outside or inside your girl. If you choose to cum outside, you can watch your maid’s beautiful and innocent face get washed with your cock juice. You can repeat parts of your interactive sex scene as many times as you want from any camera angle.

    There are several sextoys available to stimulate your maids, such as vibrators, dildos, and BDSM gear. Futanari or “Dickgirls” can also be created with cocks growing as large as a human beings. You can even program your maid to be gangbanged by multiple guys, or be cuddled by your other maids. The possibilities are endless.


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    Custom Order Maid 2

    Anyone knows how to rise the relationship level? I "stayed" with the same maid for more than 19 in-game days, and shes still an aquaintance to me.

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