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    Chaos;Head Review By Link

    Chaos Head Review

    Hi Link here and here's a review of Nitro Plus' Chaos Head, this game features an interesting system known as Delusion triggers which can be totally awesome and amazing or scary as hell depending on the choice you make


    Plot Summary

    You are Nishijou Takumi, a borderline Hikkimori who lives in Shibuya in a container house, you spend your days watching anime and playing an online MMORPG by the name of Empire Sweeper Online, you only go to school to meet the minimum attendance quota required for you to graduate. Your life is a relatively peaceful one until one day when your online friend Grim mentions about an incident which is going on in Shibuya known as the New Generation Madness(abbreviated to New Gen). Suddenly a mysterious man joins the chatroom, known as 'Shogun' he sends a link to an image along with the words "The world changes when you click it" You then click it and your life changes forever

    "Whose eyes are those eyes"

    Character Bios

    Nishijou Takumi

    That's you, the protagonist, you are an otaku who cares only for the 2D and consider the real world to be a pain. Though you are a cowardly person by nature, you can be kind and helpful to those who are in need of help.

    Nishijou Nanami


    The sister of the protagonist, she is your average trendy high school student, although Takumi treats her cruelly at times she will still show a lot of love and concern for his well being although she won't openly admit it herself.

    Sakihata Rimi


    A girl who you met at the scene of the staking murder who claims yo have been friends with you since the start of middle school. However the strange thing is that you do not remember ever meeting this girl before that incident.

    Kishimoto Ayase (FES)


    A famous indie performer in Shibuya, she is renowned for her lyrics which are considered prophetic in regard to their content. At school she is known as Kishimoto Ayase, a normal student, albeit a bit weird.

    Kusunoki Yua


    The sister of one of the victims of the first New Gen incident 'The Group Dive'. She seems to have an obsession with the New Gen cases as she wants to find what truly happened to her sister and what would lead her to taking her own life

    Orihara Kozue


    A quiet, airheaded transfet student. She talks to Takumi with what she calls 'The voice of her heart' and when she talks she is shown as being a cute and bubbly person also she has demonstrated that she does have a ruthless.

    Aoi Sena


    A girl in the class above Takumi's, she seems to have a cool and reserved personality and she cares greatly for the friend that she possesses however she has difficulty showing her emotions to people and she keeps across as an almost deliquent-like character.

    Misumi Daisuke

    Takumi's best friend since their first year of high school, he seems to be the only person in the school who will willingly talk to Takumi openly and freely besides Rimi.


    Shogun is the person who Takumi considers to be the true New Gen culprit as he sent Takumi a link to an image of the staking before it happened. This has lead to Takumi becoming paranoid and believing that Shogun is out to get him and make him another victim of the New Gen


    Grim is Takumi's friend on ESO who plays with him constantly. Grim seems to have an obsession with Guro and likes to send Takumi links to Guro related images. Grim seems to be keeping up with what's going on with the New Gen incidents in Shibuya and keeps Takumi informed about it.



    Seira is the heroine of Takumi's favorite anime; Blood Tunes. Seira is a delusion of Takumi's and she is always to coerce him into becoming a full scale Hikkimori. She is Takumi's weakness given a physical form.



    I believe that the soundtrack in Chaos Head certainly did do the game a great justice in all areas; it seemed as though it had a track for pratically every conceivable situation. Also Itou Kanako is a damn good singer, love Find the blue for the game's theme, really beautiful and fits the game perfectly. I would give the music of Chaos Head a 9/10


    The characters in Chaos Head were generally well developed in my personal opinon, though I didn't like Takumi's change from a 2D loving hikkimori to a reasonably normal but a potential bad ass at times kinda guy as I felt it was too rushed and kinda too forced. I would give the characters of Chaos Head an 8/10 on account of the rushing of Takumi's character, I'm not saying it should have been longer but it seemed to be strange at times how Takumi suddenly changed.


    The story of Chaos Head in my opinion was truly wonderful and heartfelt and I could tell it had a consistent flow throughout it, some of the references to various other things made me laugh many a time, Darth Spider XD, this did make me cringe a little inside but I do believe its all in good taste. I believe Chaos Head to be a throughly good read with some definite replay value to get 100% and I'd gladly recommend this as a first title for an new Eroge/Visual Novel player. I would give the story/plot of Chaos Head a 9/10


    I thought the artwork of Chaos Head was really well done and did have a type of endearment that made you fall in love with the characters even more, I would say that they are amazing. I would give the artwork of Chaos Head a 9/10


    So in conclusion Chaos Head, I believe, is definitely a really great game with a very interesting plot and very engaging characters and I would gladly recommend this to anyone to anyone who loves VN's with a decent plot, good characters and decent CG's.

    I would give Chaos Head a 9/10

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    The first half of the VN is truly great. Sadly it becomes your typical action-anime in the end. The best part is (at least imho) the protagonist. If anybody is interested: I wrote a little bit about him:

    Three Remarkable Protagonists - Final Part

    Btw. keep on writing reviews, oppinions, discussions and so on. We need more content about VNs in this community^^

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    Good job!

    One sidenote though : Grim isnt obssessed with Guro at all , just gory pictures. Kind of an insignificant difference and a technicality , but yea.

    "Relax and enjoy life in Hinamizawa" - u wot ryuukishi m8?!

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    you can add some pictures,please

    I want to understand this game before I play it
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