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    Quote Originally Posted by stkrge View Post
    for this reason i ask if this vn is nikuge ?
    then why would you say this...
    Quote Originally Posted by stkrge View Post
    its true nikuge this vn!

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    for sure its not!

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    Quote Originally Posted by charlbeef View Post
    then why would you say this...
    I would say it would be better if we just ignore stkrge there, because I'm sure that we gonna found many inconsistency in regard of his posts here.

    Anyway, back then I didn't thought that Ikikoi was interesting there. But right now perhaps it could be interesting seeing that SCA-DI was also write this (Common route only though), and especially in regard of one scene from Subahibi in which describe about the usual life on MC's house - live together with maid, childhood friend, and little sister.

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    this is looks like fairy tale

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