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    Exclamation Please help, Tomoyo After not working properly

    I extracted the game files, then using daemon tools to get the game exe. I could run the game, but it'll be in Japanese so I applied the english patch. I tried starting the game, that's when I get this pop up saying "gamexe.ini" with some japanese text and I get a perpetual black enlarged screen with my cursor. The game isn't unresponsive, it's just a black screen where I can move my cursor. At the moment I will try reinstalling the game and see how it goes from there.

    Edit: I downloaded and installed this game on my laptop one or two years ago and it worked fine. Now I want to finish it on my desktop computer because I took a break from it and forgot about it.

    Edit #2: I didn't switch off my anti virus so it deleted some necessary files that were suspected as virus.
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