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    Majikoi S

    so with my small list of things i haven't read i thought i'd go ahead and patch the game and play the translated routes, i seem to have rolled into a roadblock however, after installing and patching the game (my computer is always in japanese locale) when i tried to start the game it gave me this error and brought me to a software page where everything is in japanese. Anyone know whats up?

    Ahh after looking around the forums a bit i seem to have found the answer to my question, Apologies for the needless thread lol, sometimes i hate looking through pages of this stuff v.v.
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    Did you apply the NoDVD patch? (AlphaROM or some shit like that)

    After installing the game, immediately run the game and create a save game. Exit, then proceed to patch it. Run it again, and voila. Should work now.
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    didnt he said he fixed the problem??

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    Quote Originally Posted by ultimecea View Post
    didnt he said he fixed the problem??
    Yeah, my bad, was too lazy to read the whole thing, I saw the error pic and stopped reading lol.

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