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    when i run it with VLC media player it work

    thanks for trying to help me and i hope nothing happens later

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    Yeah, it seems that MG said something about it

    If your PC is using a media program other than the default media player or missing codecs, the game may crash at the scene where the game plays the OP video clip. The way to get around this problem, without changing the configuration of your PC, is to rename the video clip files ("KoihimeMusou_OP800_NOCM.mpg" for Koihime/"haru_op.avi" for Harukoi) to another name. This may output another error message but you will be able to bypass this scene. If the video files do run outside the game, it is a media player problem. If the video files do not run, it is a codec problem.

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    For all of those still having the 100% CPU usage issue even using the fixed executable provided by the cracker here's how to fix:

    - Download SleepHook v.1.1.0
    - You can extract the contents of the zip on the game folder.
    - Drag lscebody.exe onto the sleephook.exe
    - Play

    I tested it on Windows 7 32 bit and it's working fine.

    My thanks goes to a user on other forum that mentioned the use of the SleepHook program.

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    I didn't even know the watch was out until today -.-'

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