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    [Tutorial] How to run Japanese games (AppLocale)

    You need AppLocale to run most Japanese games or setups on your non-Japanese Windows, because you most likely don't want to change Windows regional settings permanently. HF pAppLoc extends AppLocale, making it simpler to install and easy to use with Japanese games.

    How to use

    Right-click a Japanese .exe, shortcut or setup.
    Select Run with Japanese locale or Run with Japanese locale as administrator to run it with Japanese locale.

    Why is HF pAppLoc easier?

    • HF pAppLoc fixes that you have to run the AppLocale msi from a command prompt launched as administrator (on Vista/7). Just a few clicks and you have AppLocale installed.
    • With HF pAppLoc you can easily run a Japanese game/setup as administrator, which fixes the annoying incompatibility/issue with UAC on Vista/7, i.e. the dreaded "AppLocale was unable to launch the specified application. Please make sure the application specified is valid.". This error would otherwise require you to run AppLocale as administrator in various awkward ways.
    • HF pAppLoc doesn't display the annoying warning that "AppLocale is only a temporary solution"
    • Installing/uninstalling HF pAppLoc is easier than having to bother with .reg files to get/remove the context (right-click) menu feature for Japanese games.

    None, unless you're on Windows XP: Asian language support must be installed (in Control Panel->Regional Settings) to successfully run Japanese games.
    Note: Asian language support is a prerequisite to run any Japanese games on Windows XP (it doesn't matter whether you use HF pAppLoc, change regional settings, use AppLocale or NTLEA - you still have to install Asian language support to make it run).

    Credits to creator "Inquisitor" from Hongfire.

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    Handy, personally i don't mind changing my applocale to japanese, it only changes (/ or \) into japanese character, so i don't mind it all. But that's just me, can be very helpfull for others.

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    A very helpful thread, Ryu. Kudos for posting it. ^_^

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    Mine can be deleted if there is a need, just remember to add that .reg file for right click option in here.

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    An educational thread. I like it.
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