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    Galaxy angels~ win8~

    movies not playing
    and lagging with 1 fps on the menu screen

    i already tried this and it dint get fix
    but the clicking out of the game does works....but i dont want to keep doing that lol...
    Seiha Translations - View topic - Galaxy Angel on Windows 8

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    What graphics card do you have? I didnt find a fix for the 1 fps thing besides clicking out of the game. I did find a way once waaaay back but i have no memory what it was. XD

    Edit: Personally i have an Nvidia GTX 760 and found out that going to the nvidia control panel 3d settings and turning off AA for GA helps getting the movies to work. Try disabling desktop composition and display scaling on high DPI settings as well not sure if it's down to weird random luck or that the settings actually DO something but a combination of all 3 made the movies work like a charm for me. The broccoli movie gets cut in half for somereason. Regarding the 1 fps issue. I managed to get it to work once while fiddling some settings but the moment i restarted the game it was back to 1 fps laggy shit. Hope this PARTIALLY helps. :3
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    nvidia gtx 650 i dont want to have keep clicking out of the game lol...that just stupid >..>

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    I know it's stupid but... I spent prolly 2 to 3 hours trying to find a fix for it but couldnt. You might just have to suck it up and force your way through. GA ML and EL work waaaay better btw. ML might have some slowdown issues like GA 1 but not in the same scale and with EL you need to do some weird switch a roos with timezones and locations chaning the decimal sign to get the bloody battles to work. Nice series but a pain in the ass to get working on modern systems. xD

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    Old thread but gonna reply anyway for anyone who are looking to play GA (the first game).

    The issue with lagging Win8/Win10 is common and me and Pasa didn't find any good fix. But, I messed around a bit and was able to find out a way to remove the lag, though it comes with restrictions.

    (I tested this with Windows 10 and with GA in windowed mode)

    You now have three options:

    1. Most commonly, people just set up a Virtual Machine and play the game on an older version of Windows (usually 7 and earlier). Game should work like normal.

    2. The next workaround is whenever the lag happen, click anywhere outside of the game. After the scene is over, resume clicking in the game. This has a setback: you have to do it every scene it lags, and that means doing it almost constantly.

    3. This is the best work around I found. When the game loaded you will see the main menu. Follow these steps:
    - (You might hear music and a white screen. That is the menu transition being laggy. Use Method 2 above to bypass the lag. Do this everytime a transition lag on you.)
    - Click on Settings.
    - In Video Option, change "32 bit" and "High" to "16 bit" and "Low". I have tested this with Game and Sound Option, but they don't produce the same result, so don't touch those.
    - Click Save Changes (the transition will lags, follow the first step to clear it).
    - You should now see the main menu again, but it's in Japanese. Click on the button that was Setting when it was in English. You should notice that the transition doesn't lag anymore.
    - Change the Video Option back to "32 bit" and "High". Click Save Changes.
    - The menu will turn back to English.

    Now, the game transitions and scenes should be normal and won't lag anymore. This has a setback however: You cannot click anywhere else outside of the game for the duration of you playing it. The moment you click anywhere outside of the game window, the moment everything lags again.

    That is just a trick I found that people haven't mention before. I think it will be good for people who don't wanna deal with making a Virtual Machine or people who will just play it in one sitting.
    Unfortunately I still don't know what is the technical issue behind this, so I am of no help with providing anything else useful : \

    But I do hope you find this helpful enough
    Have fun~

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    This works for me.

    Problem I am having now is that parts of the text are cut off. I've installed the consolas font.

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