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    Unhappy Visual Novel Installation Problem

    So guys I have here a visual novel called Hoshi Ori Yume Mirai. They are in separate files having a part1 and a part2 rar file. I extracted the files and a .iso and a .mds file appears. So I clicked the .iso file and a virtual disc containing the game appeared in my Windows Explorer. I clicked that and these files appear. I don't know what to do with these files and how can I play this game. I am currently running Windows 8. What will you do with these and how do you install the game with these files? I don't know a lot about computer software and programs so if anyone here knows how to install it, please do help me :-)


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    Hello MTS,

    If you were to put a CD into your computer and scan it, what you would get is an .iso. So in order for your computer to find out what is on the .iso it needs to be able to use it like a CD.

    This is where emulation software comes into play. You will need a program like Alcohol120% or Daemontools in order to create a virtual CD-Drive and then mount the .iso. Once the .iso is mounted it should behave like a CD and prompt you to install the game.

    If you would like any assistance with this please contact either myself or join our discord at: Discord and we would be more than happy to help you.

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    Visual Novel Installation Problem

    It is a bit surprise that no place to talk about Visual Novel in here ne.
    SO, I make one.
    This is the place to talk about all about Visual Novel for all of you ne.
    News,CG, save file, AGTHAtlas or etc..........can also talk or ask here too.
    BTW, You dont need to play a lot of VN o talk here.......Just interesting or wanna know about is good enough ne.
    Ok, my current play list are Yosuga no Sora and Tokino Senka.
    Next target is Kamilove.
    What about you guy?

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