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Boob Wars 2 torrent

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The first one sure, but this one seem to have a little more content, and maybe a somewhat good story.

No, just no, it really isn't worth it.


I haven't played the first one, so i can't compared, but i have played the second one for a few hours and at least 50% of the story is about boobs.

I was expecting a story with an emphasis on boobs just by the titles, but it's much, much more worse then what i was expecting...

Save your times and don't go anywhere near that VN.

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For some maybe, don't really need a pallate cleanser, just that it seemed to have a lot of characters and the story didn't seems to be as dumb as the first one. And btw the age of the flat-chested tribe is long gone, u should bow before the true power of big breasts.

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trust me ....its not worth the megabytes .....


I second this, i enjoyed the first game so i really tried to play this one just for the fun battles, but ended dropping it after half an hour because it's story is just too bad

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