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Incest Netorare Game - Ane Kasegi

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Frida and Carl are absolutely non-related stepbrother and stepsister. After their village was attacked, they fled with their lives to the big city. Now running a bar, they hope to finally live normal lives of peace and stability, free from harm.


There is no overall story. Just grow the bar until the owner offers to sell it to you. Then, purchase the bar to get your happy ending.


At various financial benchmarks, a small story event will occur. Maybe the owner of the bar will come to visit, or maybe the taxes on your bar will be raised. Keep progressing to slowly learn more about the world around you.


Will Frida lose her virginity to her little stepbrother? Or will she lose it to a horny guy at the bar? It depends on your choices!


During the other plotline, Frida walks in on her stepbrother masturbating and decides to give him a helping hand. She hates it when Carl sleeps with another woman, and is very possessive of him.


During the cuckoldry plotline, Carl is clueless about his stepsister being a whore. She drags customers into the bathroom just to suck their dicks and Carl doesn’t realize a thing!


The game has three endings. In the first ending, Frida and Carl get married. In the second ending, Frida becomes publicly known as the town whore as she cuckolds Carl with other men. In the third and true ending, Carl accepts that his stepsister is a slut and decides to love her despite her sinful nature. Frida is pregnant and has no idea who the father is, but decides that she and Carl will raise it as a married couple.


More Info Here - Bar Management Hentai Game: Ane Kasegi - Hentai Reviews

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