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*note: this is a review of an untranslated game by ryu over at https://www.guilded.gg/r/zzJjMr7opR?i=40a1PlRd


Today I plan to go down the list of games in my backlog and write a short impression on each, giving screenshots and link to the game. I'll prioritize the games with no real English translation yet. I been reviewing games for 30 days straight so far, playing a game a day. But I'll try to make it more about Quality over Quantity on this server.

P.S If you are also learning japanese I'll rate every game's reading difficulty.


Synopsis: A battle-fuck game mixed with idol management!
Time to beat: 30 hours (Rounded to 20 if fluent)






You are Miyamoto-san, a up and coming head-hunter for idols for an agency. However his methods to convince girls is a bit peculiar (He r*pes them)
The basic gameplay loop involves random encounter with idols in each zones, such as the School, the TV Station, the Magical Wonderland (?!) that each a includes a scenario with a main idol you will get to fuck recruit at the end. The game won't allow your to grind forever at first however, since returning back to the office to recover your HP and MP will take a week off the month.




The battle screen
The amount of girls and sizes is very large, the game had multiple artists work on it, so there is an idol for absolutely everyone.




As the name suggests... there is 48 idols + a few extra
What keeps this game fresh is that it doesn't allow you to mindlessly fuck any girls on the street without any consequences. If you collapse, week's time will advance. Every month the Yakuza will come get part of their debt back. Being unable to pay this month's rent will result in you having to sell off one of your idol to be used as a sex slave forever. (You can never get her back, and you prevent yourself from getting all 3 of her voiced H-scenes)



The debt collectors are here. Gave 100,000 yen!

On top of the BF (Battle Fuck) mechanic on the overworld. This game is also about rising your idols to become the best money-making performer for the agency. Each week you have a limited amount of Action Point to spend with the idol of your choice. Doing so will result with a date or a one or one lesson at a love hotel.



Mirai: Well that's pretty obvious, Motoyama-san. There's one more thing I'd like to ask thought... Why is sex is part of my training?



The status screen for your idols, beyond lessons you can turn them into sluts with the fans or powerful men for quick cash, but it will consume their stamina (the heart icon)



The result screen after a live, all of their stats combined will determine randomly if the show was a success or failure.

Now for the review, I'll rate them on the following:
Fun = If I enjoyed the gameplay experience or how much I liked reading it.
CG = The art, and I will also use this to comment on the H-scenes.
Learning value = If I personally learned anything, or if I could recommend it to a japanese learner.
難易度: = Difficulty level, how good you have to be to read it.
Since by nature RPG maker often reuses the same soundtrack I won't rate it, but I'll make a note if the soundtrack is good or original.
Alright now that's out of the way here's my rating:
Fun 5/5 - It offers post-game content once you clear the main-story, and the game keeps being fun even when you become filthy rich and overpowered even when you make girls come in one stroke like you are one stroke man. It's fun to figure out each girl's sexual weakness.
CG 5/5 Even if the artstyle is all over the place. But the sheer volume is totally worth the price of admission.
Learning Value - If you want to hone your H-scenes skills. This is the best game to do so, It will drill in your mind many basic words.
難易度: 4/5 Not recommended for beginners.









Feel free to comment after each review. See you next time for ryu's Random Eroge Corner...

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