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Download source for Walkure Romanze

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First, general credit to forum member littleshogun for finding this link. I take credit for none of this, I'm only trying bring it to the general awareness of the forum members so that they don't miss this opportunity through ignorance.


Here is a download link for the VN Walkure Romanze (vndb.org): https://www.mediafire.com/file/s6b3j8k0iglyquz/%5BRyuugames%5D_RY-r82348.rar/file

The password to extract the .rar file is: ryuugames.com

The link was functional as of August 20, 2023 5:00 PM EST which is when I downloaded it.


The VN comes prepatched with the version of the patch the keeps Japanese Honorifics intact, however if you want to apply the other version of the patch, here is the link, sourced from vndb.org, that allows you to download the actual patch files: https://mega.nz/file/Du4A2BLA#WxH7DZYhJ65ei2qlBOsq8Om0yN-0rMhiDF1TkwcxMfA


There are two other reasons to download the patch files. When you first start up the VN, it creates a small number of files on your hard drive (they presumably would have been created during the initial install process if you had actually bought the game legally and where not using a pirated version). One of those files needs to be replaced with a substitute provided along side the patch files in order to fix a minor text glitch at decision prompts. The other reason is to install the custom font recommended for use in this VN also provided alongside the patch files.


Happy gaming!

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