• If My Heart Had Wings - Installation Guide

    This following guide will help you install English version of "If My Heart Had Wings". It was written for Windows 7 x64, but installation process is the same for other Windows-family systems. If you encounter any problems while trying to run the game, scroll to the bottom of this article for list of most common problems and solutions for how to fix them.

    1. Download English version of "If My Heart Had Wings" and extract it.
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    2. When UnRAR'ing process finishes, navigate to newly-created directory and run "IfMyHeartHadWings.exe"
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    3. Depending on your system version and security settings you might receive following UAC prompt. Click "Yes".
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    4. Wait a while as installer initializes. This usually takes only a few seconds.
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    5. Installer welcome screen. Click "Next".
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    6. License agreement. You might read if if you're bored on sleepless night, otherwise just tick "I agree" and then "Next".
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    7. Now you're asked where you want to install the game into. By default it's placed inside "Program files (x86)" folder, which might cause problems on some system configurations with save files not saving, patches not working etc. Let's change it... Click "Browse".
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    8. In new window location you can pick different location. Choose something simple like "C:\If My Heart Had Wings" or "C:\Games\IMHHW", then click "OK".
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    9. We're back to screen from step 7, but the location changed. Click "Next".
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    10. Final screen, just click "Install".
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    11. Installation might take some time, as the game is quite big. Just wait until it's finished.
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    12. Done. Game is installed. Click "Finish".
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    If My Heart Had Wings - Errors
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    The program can't start because d3dx9_43.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem.
    You need to install DirectX library. Download and install it from Microsoft's website.
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    1. arralyn's Avatar
      arralyn -
      So, this installation guide says nothing on the English patch. How do I install the patch so can read the game?
    1. JackyMark's Avatar
      JackyMark -
      Quote Originally Posted by arralyn View Post
      So, this installation guide says nothing on the English patch. How do I install the patch so can read the game?
      the game itself is in English already, so you dont have to worry about it
    1. deell's Avatar
      deell -
      if it didn't show .exe and showed .BIN instead, what should I do to play the game?
    1. yang's Avatar
      yang -
      There is a good workaround for those who doesn't want to change locale:
      Locale Emulator
      And it works!!! ( tested on windows 10 edu but they guarantee this program to work on win 7,8,8.1 and say nothing about win10 but it works).
      Enjoy guys
    1. Mr.B's Avatar
      Mr.B -
      I can not extract the Monster Girl Quest folder . can anyone tell me what could be the Probelm ? I get an error message after another with out doing some Thing rong.

      Sorry for my english but Im from german. I am ten times better in speake it.

      By the Windows 10 ist that the case my be?
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