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    Time travel? Are you kidding me?!
    I eagerly rushed out of my dorm to try and catch a burglar who snuck into my school, but next thing I knew, I was laying in a vast, open prairie. "What the hell?!" I thought, but my amazement didn't last long before I was surrounded by a group of men armed with glistening weapons! "Leave your clothes if you value your life," they said. What era is that line from?!

    I tried to resist them, but they started spouting gibberish before swinging their weapons at me. I thought, "This is it for me!" But then, a black-haired beauty appeared before me. She agilely swung her huge spear, and sent those men packing. As I respectfully thanked her, she began to name herself.

    "My name is Kan'u. My Lord, may we fight together and quell these wars?"
    Download Koihime Musou game:

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    Vera.rar - 316 KB
    1. Extract the files
    2. Open "C:/Windows/Fonts"
    3. Select "Install New Fonts"
    4. Browse to folder you extracted fonts into and install them all.

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    1. StÓr's Avatar
      StÓr -
      It's not a spoiler cause no one knows who she is, unless you played the game.
    1. InsanexAngel's Avatar
      InsanexAngel -
      So guys, I downloaded, but the game doesn't run.......I click lscebody and all it says is The game failed to generate directinputmanager. Can I get some help please, because I like many of you, want to play this game....
    1. rikiniku's Avatar
      rikiniku -
      I love this game
    1. DragonBall89's Avatar
      DragonBall89 -
      the game was pretty good but the battles were so long, so after a while i just modified the army size. (took me 2-3 min, a battle, top)
    1. NickFreja's Avatar
      NickFreja -
      View image: koihime
      Why I always failed? It's my connection or what?
    1. Shandris's Avatar
      Shandris -
      Does it have any plot or just same as anime ?
    1. Ivs's Avatar
      Ivs -
      different plot. Anime doesn't have MC/Protagonist.
    1. Shandris's Avatar
      Shandris -
      Hmm I will give it a try then. Kinda enjoyed anime so might as well read this.
    1. Gerard the Lone Wolf's Avatar
      Gerard the Lone Wolf -
      Quote Originally Posted by Shandris View Post
      or just same as anime ?
      It differs from the anime.
    1. hyromaru's Avatar
      hyromaru -
      Should do a replay of this...
      But those battles V.V
    1. Shandris's Avatar
      Shandris -
      Quote Originally Posted by StÓr View Post
      And then when he reaches the End, He will most likely be quite disappointed

      and some of the battles make me bang my head against the desk out of despair because of how long they were (and how pointless because you cant even fucking lose)
      For all those who got problem with battles, just press ctrl. It takes max 5 min/battle.
    1. Schwert1120's Avatar
      Schwert1120 -
      can smeone tell me a link for this where i can just download it in 1 go like a torrent ?
    1. Shandris's Avatar
      Shandris -
      Quote Originally Posted by Schwert1120 View Post
      can smeone tell me a link for this where i can just download it in 1 go like a torrent ?
      Ask Pramit for a torrent link
    1. pramit's Avatar
      pramit -
      Quote Originally Posted by Shandris View Post
      Ask Pramit for a torrent link
      Koihime Musou | Eroge Download
    1. Devilsraging's Avatar
      Devilsraging -
      holy crap, probably one of the best piece of eroge ever made. The whole thing is a masterpiece. 10/10
    1. AgelessPharaoh's Avatar
      AgelessPharaoh -
      The story was " Ok " , but not that good , can't compare it with F/SN or G String no Maou , character wise Aisha was the best for me all tsundere in front of others , Karin ( her two generals as well , Shunran and Shuuran , especially ' Aneja ' ) and Renfa tied for the second place and Sui on the third place .
      One of the good things of this game are the sub routes or what the hell are they called . Anyway good game .
    1. wolfOkami's Avatar
      wolfOkami -
      Quote Originally Posted by Nekomataya View Post
      Starts off slow but ohoh does it get good later on... Still hoping for a translation of the second game no matter how doubtful it may be ;A;
      i to hope for the english second game to come out the only problems i had with this one was maost of the h-seance did not have a voice and at one point or another the text went screwy.
    1. napoleon's Avatar
      napoleon -
      Lots of good characters, art isn't too good but does the trick for me and when the alt./sequel is translated i will cry
    1. Nirx's Avatar
      Nirx -
      Quote Originally Posted by NickFreja View Post
      View image: koihime
      Why I always failed? It's my connection or what?
      I actually wanna know this as well, can someone pm me or reply to this?

      Edit: No wait I figured it out, need to keep the download page open during the download which is lame >.>

      Also is this already patched in english?

      Re-edit: Didn't look in english games, just did so stupid question
    1. nhstruong's Avatar
      nhstruong -
      after i extract both voice and patch, it said icse body stop working.
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