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    Time travel? Are you kidding me?!
    I eagerly rushed out of my dorm to try and catch a burglar who snuck into my school, but next thing I knew, I was laying in a vast, open prairie. "What the hell?!" I thought, but my amazement didn't last long before I was surrounded by a group of men armed with glistening weapons! "Leave your clothes if you value your life," they said. What era is that line from?!

    I tried to resist them, but they started spouting gibberish before swinging their weapons at me. I thought, "This is it for me!" But then, a black-haired beauty appeared before me. She agilely swung her huge spear, and sent those men packing. As I respectfully thanked her, she began to name herself.

    "My name is Kan'u. My Lord, may we fight together and quell these wars?"
    Download Koihime Musou game:

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    Vera.rar - 316 KB
    1. Extract the files
    2. Open "C:/Windows/Fonts"
    3. Select "Install New Fonts"
    4. Browse to folder you extracted fonts into and install them all.

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