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  1. Hey Napo,

    since you are not the only one asking me to joing the Discord I'm thinking about that i maybe should reconsider my stance on Discord.
    Anyway your other Question, since i feel kinda lazy after work I'll just copy what i posted on Outpost Omega J's Who is your avatar thread a few days ago

    Mine is a Gif I created about 8 years ago from one of my favorite games, originally the sprite had 200px height but since the auto-resize in this forum fucked up the animation, i had to shrink her down to 150px.
    As for the character itself, she is The Empress from the Magical Drop Series. This particular incarnation is from her debut on the NeoGeo version of Magical Drop 2 where she is the regualar final boss and a hidden playable character.

  2. Two things! One: Which character is your avatar and profile pic supposed to be? I don't recognize them at all. And two: I know it ain't your thing but... join us on discord! It's a couple hoops to jump through but you and I would both benefit from your presence there.

  3. Hello and welcome to! I see you've gone ahead and jumped into the forums. My name is Napo and I am nuts about eroge!
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